My tip of the day is to pray! Did you pray today? Getting ready to go on a cruise to Alaska, have you ever been there? It’s a bit of chaos to be unpacking and repacking for another trip. Some ask me “how do you do it all”?  “You’ve got to pray just to make it today! (Love me some MC Hammer – that song, now it’s stuck in my head!) Prayer is so important, it helps me keep life in perspective. No, I don’t have a maid so I do all my own laundry and try to get things in order around my house before leaving on another plane.

Prayer is a must! People ask me all the time how do I do it all? Well, first of all, I don’t! I’m not Wonder Woman! There are people who travel and do much more than I do. I’ve got a very low key routine when it comes to traveling and having a performance schedule for my classical crossover singing adventures and I enjoy it that way. I’m not too positive I’d want to be living out of a suitcase permanently? That can’t be much fun. 

Anyhow, when people ask me that question I tell them my biggest source of strength and organization comes from God. With God all things are possible Matthew 19:26 and when you put Him first, everything else falls into place. Sure, there are some things in disarray around here, but at least my priorities are in place and that is the most important part.

I did not always follow this plan very well, but today I don’t live without prayer. I get up every day and pray. This seems like a simple thing and it is! It might be something you’re already doing, but to me it sets my whole entire day up for success. I feel organized when I first wake up and talk to God about what I want to accomplish. I ask Him for help during my day. I ask what He wants me to accomplish? I talk to him for a long time and we have a conversation. I open my scriptures and read His words. I listen to hymns and play good music and you can too by going here to listen for free.

So that’s my tip for the day! Pray! Without it, you’re life will not be as successful. Talk to God. He wants to hear from you, and He will bless your life.