I love watching the sun rise in the morning it is powerful to witness the majesty it brings to the entire earth. I love taking time out for myself to sit  by myself and reflect on who I am and what I want to become. Morning is a great opportunity to be part of that time with nature. You and I have always known the to sun come up in the morning. We depend on it almost without any thought. The example of the sun is such a wonderful thing. We all believe and have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow… Yes I’m thinking of that cute red headed girl right now too.

Most of us are running around every day giving, doing and busying ourselves with things and stuff. It crowds our attention and focus. I love the opportunity to watch the sun rise, it brings such a renewal of spirit. I love feeling the golden rays of the sunshine hit my face. Hope enters my heart and fills my spirit. First of all, it is a quiet activity. Waking up early before most everyone else in your neighborhood is awake is invigorating and thrilling to say the least. (okay give it a few days… When you first get up yes, you might be groggy, but over time your body will begin to get used to the new time clock and love it – almost crave it in a way.) Go to bed earlier if you can. Sleep is so important and good for your health. I feel like I’m getting a big head start with my day when I get up early, which seems to fuel me with even more energy! I know I’m accomplishing my dreams when I spend time by myself and every moment seems to count. I love to reflect in the morning while connecting with the beauty outside. It gives my soul a chance to recharge  and renew with what is most important. Often I have a whispering voice that seems to speak louder to me in the wee hours about what I want to accomplish and what I need to be doing with my time. 

We deserve quiet time. Are you giving yourself enough of this precious gift? Are you nourishing your soul? Are you giving your spirit time to breathe each day? If you don’t have time to give to yourself each and every day – it needs to change. I talk more about the importance of primping yourself physically here, but I also think mentioning that emotional and mental primping is important too. Primping yourself is good for you, it’s taking care of yourself – taking time for you is the best thing you’ll ever do – because you are able to give more to others. You need to learn how to love yourself. Rejoice in the beauty around you. Even if you live in a small apartment in the city, go outside and walk around. Feel the wind on your face, enjoy the breeze or the sky. Find something beautiful to focus your attention on, breathe and let go.

Primping Assignment: Plan one day this week to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Take it easy if you haven’t been exercising   recently. Commit to do it. Rain or shine.  (The sun will come out tomorrow) Report about it in your journal if you want.