Good Morning. Are you awake? Do you wake up early? I do. It’s 5AM. Nothing is open. At least not much, I understand why most people want to sleep. There’s no incentive to wake up early right? Many of us have jobs we do from home, and nowhere to go because nothing is even open at this hour.

I think I wake up early because I’m excited about my life and I can’t wait to get going with it. Some mornings I get up at 3:00 AM! I know that’s insane but I’m telling  you when you find your passion, your niche, your purpose in life – nothing will stop you. Nothing will get in your way. You become fixated on accomplishing it. Nothing has power over you. Well, almost nothing… I have so much energy I almost don’t want to sleep. It’s almost like sleep is a burden to me. It’s a drag that I have to do it. Don’t get me wrong, when my head hits the pillow at night, it feels great, I’m out and I love it! I love being able to sleep. I need it desperately and I love sleeping deeply and restfully and comfortably. I wish good sleep happened for me regularly. What I don’t like is that I must sleep – like it’s just not an option. 

Sleep feels like a chore. I actually feel the same about food. Eating can be burdensome when I’m in the middle of a project. It takes time to do, and I just don’t feel like spending a lot of thought on it. Maybe that’s why I love eating raw fruit and vegetables? They are so quick and so easy to eat. I just grab a bunch of bananas and eat them until I’m satisfied. I love preparing yummy food, but most of the time I want something quick so I can move on with bigger and better things! Some days I’ll eat 4 bananas and that’s my lunch. (I hesitate to use the word full – it’s not a stuff-yourself-till-you’re-full feeling.) I feel satisfied and light. I feel great actually! The power in God’s creative food is so wonderful and good for me.

Another favorite go-to quick food is apples. I’ll grab a bag, wash them and start crunching and munching. So easy! So fast, and refreshing. I keep an apple in my purse for an easy snack when I’m out. Another favorite, is raw cashews – those are such a perfect snack that I grab and eat them by the handfuls. I love having those around because when I eat this way, I receive energy! All of these good raw foods are so perfect and so healing for me. Of course you know about my green smoothie recipes. Those are easy and fast too. When I drink those I feel I’m giving my body what it needs and what it has been yearning for, my body is craving nutrition. I haven’t always taken good care of my body. In fact my health has not always been very good. I have been trying  to eat better to feel better for 10 years now. It has improved my health and as I discover and try more things, my energy  continues to get better. I’ll tell you my health journey another day. It’s still a work in progress. I know you are so curious about it now aren’t you?

The purpose in my post today is to explain that I believe a big reason why I get so much done is because of my energy. My vitality  comes from a combination of discovering my purpose and eating good food – I am so passionate about music and singing and giving my message to people. I want to share this with everyone and I want to do it daily, almost hourly! I have a non-stop good nagging feeling I just cannot shrug off. I’m constantly thinking about music, wanting to improve, and I want to use my creativity to bless lives. We all have talents and gifts. They are not for ourselves. They are for others, they are to be shared and given. Work on discovering your gifts if you haven’t already found them. Contemplate and work at it. Find an interest and spend some time at it. Test it out. – Don’t get me wrong – I’m not sitting here thinking I’m “All THAT” or anything – I just have a message to share and you do too! My message is in my soul and needs to get out. It’s almost as if I’m birthing a baby and it needs to be delivered. Hope that was the right way to say that…?

As I sit here this morning and the sun comes up, it’s so inspiring to enjoy the sunrise. It does a lot for my spirit to watch the sky as it renews and lights everything in it’s path. Every day is a new day. Start fresh, begin anew. Give yourself a break and move on from your past. Yesterday is to learn from but not focus on. Give today your attention. It’s all you have. Tomorrow is not here yet. Don’t let it stress you out or cause you anxiety. Give your focus toward this moment and LIVE! Finding your passion, eating better and enjoy living!