Here is another music video for you. Click here to watch “Softly And Tenderly”. This is a hymn from the Sweet By And By album. It was written in 1880.

The special story about this song is that it was created by two friends. Will Thompson and Dwight Moody. Moody was in the hospital and forbidden from seeing anyone. Thompson came for a visit and Moody insisted that he be able to stay. In that hospital room Moody told Thompson that writing “Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling” was something he would have rather done, then anything else in his whole life. I love this story.

Today “Softly and Tenderly” is the most widely known of all of his compositions and appears in a variety of many Christian Hymnals today. It is my hope that this video brings you a spirit of peace, and that you share the video with your friends.

Much love to you,


Vanessa Joy