Are you resting from your labors? Happy Labor Day!!! I’m on a cruise right now enjoying Alaska! I hope you’re taking a vacation day too and doing nothing but fun things today. You deserve a day off! I hope you have a great day.

You know nothing worth having comes easy so as you work at your career, or your marriage, or your goals in life keep the perspective that you will make it with the time and effort it takes to get there. No one ever gets anywhere without sacrifice and effort. It takes work to make anything beautiful and with your talents you will achieve your goals. Don’t give up hope, keep at it every day – little by little and you will get there. You’ve got to keep at it. One step at a time. Through persistence and consistent effort on your part you will have what you desire. If everything just fell into your lap you wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. Work hard in every area of your life. Work to be happy, work to be grateful, work to be giving. These things don’t always come easy but they are worth having.

It’s always been a goal of mine to record a CD. Once I did that, I didn’t stop. I continued to go on and work towards other goals. Everything you do will be achieved as long as you put forth the effort it takes. I came across a list of goals in an old notebook the other day and it surprised me how much I had accomplished off the list, from only 3 years ago, I listed 10 items and 7 were already complete. Writing down your goals works!

Set a goal today. Write it down and evaluate your goal next year on Labor Day. Put effort into this goal and work to make it happen. I believe in you! Make your list of goals and keep reviewing them and looking them over as you start to realize all of them.