Do you want to reach your goals? It’s fight procrastination day! There is no way procrastination can happen if you want something. It takes courage, sacrifice, dedication, focus, energy and persistence. You can’t give up if you want to reach your goals. You’ve got to hang in there and work towards them.

So many people come up to me and tell me their dreams, desires, hopes, visions and they share their excitement with me. One day someone gave me an album with a beautiful photo of herself on the cover. She played the guitar. She looked great! She gave it to me and wanted to meet with me. I talked with her for about an hour. I told her to keep persisting at her goals, and keep going further with her dreams and ideas. I asked her what her desires were and what she wanted to have happen but she  seemed so stuck, as though she just couldn’t get past the fact that she was unable to get into a certain place she wanted to be. I felt for her and kept encouraging her.

Later, I went home to listen to the album, and there was no way to contact her. There was no phone number, no website, no place to connect with her to let her know what I thought about her music. I looked up her name, I looked her up on Facebook, I tried for an hour to hunt her down on the internet with zero results. 

People – my question – how are you expecting something to happen if you do not take another step forward? Making and creating the album is only your first step. Often people think it’s the last step. They think everything is complete. Well, yes in some ways they are right, but really that is only the very beginning of your journey. Stop procrastinating! There is so much more to do, like concerts and, marketing and if you are expecting other people to do it for you – you may as well forget it and do something else. No one will do anything for you unless you are willing to do it too!

Do not procrastinate. Get passionate about something and let it drive you. Keep your heart in it, and your head in it. Keep your hopes high, don’t let others discourage you. If you mean it, do it! If you want it, go after it. You are the only one who is stopping yourself. There is always a way. Get going and eliminate procrastination. Figure out what you want. List your goals in order and start the work! You will progress towards what you want and you will succeed.