I had a wonderful time performing for the Rotary Convention in Panama City, Florida this past weekend. I almost got on a plane to Panama City……….. PANAMA! My ticket was supposed to be booked to Panama City, FL but it was booked wrong by Marvin Goldstein my pianist. It turned out to be a very funny story and luckily I was able to purchase another ticket and get there in time for the concert. I met a lot of great people doing amazing things for our country and for the world. The convention was called, “Peace through Service” and we did a musical performance for them called, “Peace with Music”. It was touching to meet so many kind hearted people who have served our country by volunteering their time to do incredible things. I was so impressed with this great group of men and women working hard to raise money to do good in the world. It was inspiring to get to hear from so many speakers. I was uplifted and it strengthened my resolve to want to participate even more in service to help our world be a peaceful place to live. When you think about it, in some ways we are all like a tiny grain of sand. This picture above was taken in Panama City Beach, Florida. Alone the sand is very tiny, but when it joins together it can hold an entire ocean. It is the same thing with us. We can all make a difference alone – but together we can make greatness!