Yep! That’s me. The next time you’re walking down the gardening section in your nearest Target, or Walmart, you might see me smiling back at you. It’s springtime right now and my picture is on some of the boxes on the shelves for the product “Garden Kneeler/Seat” by the company Step2. When I modeled for this item it was very interesting because the kneeler I am on in this photo was made out of styrofoam and if I moved right or left it would fall apart. You can’t tell from the photo that the thing I’m kneeling on wasn’t real. I had to be so careful balancing on it to make sure it didn’t fall apart, or worse… break!  They made a prototype and took pictures of it with a model (me) and tried to sell it before they actually made it. It must have worked because this item is still for sale. I love knowing I got to model a product before it was on the market, I felt like I was part of a big secret. (not really) It was a great experience and such a beautiful spring day too! Happy gardening!