I just returned home to Arizona from my trip to Utah last night, and I’m repacking my bags today to leave tomorrow for Minnesota. (Did you follow all that?) Today I’m doing laundry and scrambling last minute. Gosh I hope I don’t forget anything. Here’s a scary look into my suitcase so far. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had someone to do all of this for me? HA! I’ve kept all the essentials, (makeup, curling iron, shoes, hair supplies) and to make this as easy as possible I’m going to put everything back inside after it’s been laundered and not worry about choosing new outfits. Want to know some of my laundering techniques? Read on. 

This is what I do for colors. (I do something different for whites, towels, dedicates, sheets and miscellaneous items.) First I organize my clothes into piles of light colors and dark colors, and separate whites and delicates. Next, I look at the tags of the colors and make a pile of lights that are warm and lights that are cold and darks that are warm and darks that are cold. I make 4 separate piles. Aren’t you so excited to find out how I get that clean fresh smell into my clothing? I know you can’t wait.

darks warm

darks cold

lights warm

lights cold

Once I have these piles figured out, I add the following to a medium sized load: 

1/3 cup of Tide Clean Breeze

1/3 cup of Borax

1/2 cup of Downy Clean Breeze (I add this to my washer area where my fabric softener goes).

I use a lot of fabric softener, it does not exceed what is recommended on the fill line in my washer, it is the maximum amount. Too much soap will hurt your clothing, so be careful about that and remember less is more. 

Does this item go into the dyer? Depending on the article of clothing, I like to hang most of my clothes on the line to dry. I think my clothes smell fresh and clean and stay looking new longer this way. In my opinion some items like cottons and towels must be dried in the dryer to look and feel their best but it’s a matter of preference. In the dryer I will place one sheet of bounce outdoor fresh with the clothing. I still haven’t told you the best trick ever for cleaning sheets! I’ll tell you more about it and other laundering techniques later because the dryer buzzer just went off, and it’s time for another load of laundry to get folded!