This sign caught my eye when I was picking up my suitcase in baggage claim at the airport yesterday. How totally cute to have a piano in an airport with a sign telling you to sit down and play! I love it! I love Minnesota. I’m so excited to be here and to see all my favorite places and eat Eat Eat! I’m looking forward to many things, especially seeing my family and hearing the loons at night up north. The only thing I have not been too excited about is the mosquitos… so far they have been ok, until today! I got my first bite, and fortunately I still have that immediate reaction to slap quickly, and I wasn’t too late. I got that little bugger but the triumphant feeling vanished as I started itching the sad spot she left behind for me to remember. Doused in repellent, I remained unscathed during last nights fireworks display…and what an amazing show that was! This is going to be a very exciting trip, it started off with a bang already! I can’t wait to explore more today.