“Noel Noel” by Vanessa Joy is a Christmas song written by Vanessa Joy and is on her album “Joy To the World” and can be found in her store here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy’s store or here on youtube. As you listen to the song “Noel, Noel” you will find the lyric describes the story of Christ’s birth.

As I wrote this song and melody I imagined myself as one of the angels who sang to the shepherds that night. I’m sure the angles declaired at the top of their beautiful voices and lungs of our Savior’s birth. Was I there that night? Was I singing as one of those angels as the heavens departed? Isn’t that an incredible thought? I like to pretend I was there. Can you picture that night? The piano accompaniment is by Marvin Goldstein the tempo is slow and delicate. There is a hushed peaceful feeling to this lullaby. 

I enjoyed coming up with the lyrics and melody to the song Noel Noel. It was written with the melody in place before the lyric came into my mind. Once I had the lyric written I sent it to two different authors I know and had them look it over and tell me their thoughts about what I wrote and got feedback before I recorded the song. It is fun to be creative and to make something new that wasn’t there before, it is inspiring to realize God gives you insight and when you live your life close to Him He will guide you and direct you to your righteous hearts desires. I love God and I am so grateful He helped me write this tune. I hope it blesses your life and brings you peace and comfort this holiday season. Please let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below. As you play this song, let it lead you into Christmas with a spirit of peace. Let Christmas music bless your life.