“On This Day” by Vanessa Joy is a Christmas song from her album “Joy To the World” and can be found in her store here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy’s store or here on youtube. “On This Day” is a little less familiar Christmas Carol that has a great meaning within the lyrics about Christmas. As you will discover by listening to it, it is a Latin carol and was written long ago and has a medieval complexity to it. It became familiar to me as I searched for beautiful Christmas melodies. I love it’s richness and charm. The music brings with it a great feeling of chant. I can almost picture someone in Christ’s day singing it. Someone traveling, possibly a wise man. What do you think? Can you picture it too? It has a tempo set at a pretty fast pace and brings a great energy and mood. The humming of the drum and consistent tambourine the keeps the beat continues us pressing on and pressing forward. 

On This Day is definitely a celebration of our Savior’s birth. It brings a message that is set with beautiful descriptive lyrics about God and Christ.  It is a fun song to sing and I tried to keep my vocal solid and smooth as all the other instrumentation did other movement. It is in a minor key as well, which as you know I love to sing in minor keys. The tune brings mystery and intrigue to the listener. 

I had fun as I recorded this song in the studio. I love the story the lyrics give you. Lyrics such as, “Ox and ass beside Him, from the Cold would Hide Him” are so descriptive and beautiful. It paints a story that we are familiar with and yet brings new light and  provokes new thought. What is your thought about this song? Do you enjoy the melody and lyrics? Please let me know in the comments below. It is my hope that Christ is in your heart this season. As you play this song, let it lead you into Christmas with a spirit of love. Let Christmas music bless your life.