Music Unites – Even Accoss The Big Pond
Dienstag, 22. January 2013

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This photograph of Vanessa Joy, Marvin Goldstein and Gottfried Allgaier (from left) was taken at their concert in the town of Frederick in the State of Maryland, U.S.A. Now they are going to perform again together in Nesselwang.


Music unites – even across the “big pond”

Concert Gottfried Allgaier gains artists from the U.S.A for a joint performance.


Nesselwang Music unites – and even across the “big pond” , thanks to a trip to visit relatives by Nesselwang’s church musician Gottfried Allgaier. For the concert “music unites” on Friday, 25 January, at 8pm in the parish church of St. Andreas, apart from choirs and an orchestra from Nesselwang, he has invited two musicians from the U.S.A., namely the soprano Vanessa Joy and the pianist Marvin Goldstein.


Church concert near Washington


Allgaier made contact last year, whilst visiting his great cousin Wayne Allgaier in Brunswick in the state of Maryland last August with his son Tobias. During this visit, Allgaier gave a church concert together with Joy and Goldstein in front of almost 600 people. In the town of Frederick near Washington, Goldstein lives as a freelance pianist in Florida and has been performing on a regular basis in concerts with the singer from Arizona.

Now both American artists would like to pay a visit to Germany and arrange a concert with Allgaier and three of his music groups in Nesselwang’s parish church. Together with the American guests will be the “Ensemble Vocale Nesselwang”, and the St, Andreas church choir and orchestra.

Joy will be singing the well known “Pie Jesu” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem and “He shall feed his flock” from the Messiah by Georg Friedrich Handel. Allgaier will be playing the Prelude (BWV 547) by Johann Sebastian Bach. The Ensemble Vocale, apart from various musical pieces, will be singing “Kyrie” and “Gloria” for two choirs by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The choir has recently studies “O Divine Redeemer” by Charles Gounod, which Goldstein will be accompanying on the piano and Joy singing solo. The church choir and orchestra strings will be playing music from Bach, Stockhausen and Mozart for the listeners. To end, all will be performing together with “Jesu joy of Man’s Desiring” by Bach and “For the Glory of God” by Handel.


The guests are mormons

The name of the concert shows that music not only unites people, but also cultures and religion. It is particularly special that musicians and singers from differing Christian cultures – the American artists are mormons – make music together for the glory of God.