“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your horn.” – Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker was a master saxophonist and composer. It’s delightful to hear him play some of the classics like, “Summertime” and “All The Things You Are”. I had the pleasure of performing those two songs when I was first taking voice lessons. Actually, I chose to sing, “Summertime” on the news a few months ago and you can view it here if you want. When I was first introduced to these songs I studied the melodies straight, without any improvisation. That’s what I think everyone needs to do before moving on to experimentation. You can’t learn how to do a cart-wheel without first learning how to stand up! Everything comes in time. “Line upon line…Isaiah 28:10” What truth! Once you know a song accurately – the way it was written, you can begin to experiment by adding in your soul, your thoughts/wisdom to the song. Once you do that, you own it! This is why people call Charlie a master. He was comfortable with a song and he could experiment with it and breathe a new life into it. He created something new. Creativity is an experiment. Art is an expression and an exploration of your imagination.

Have you ever been invited (along with others) to make a specific recipe for a party? Try it sometime. Most people know how to cook, but not everyone is at the same skill level. When 10 people are asked to bring a chocolate cake to a party every creation will have a different twist on it. Even if people follow the same exact process and use the same ingredients each desert will be unique. Following a recipe may seem simple, but we all chop vegetables, assemble food, and combine flavors individually. It’s exciting to see the outcome. Each person makes the same recipe using a different oven, different mixer, different utensils, and different circumstances. Each recipe is new because we are all different. Basically what I’m trying to say is that yes, we all have many experiences in life and because of the wisdom we’ve accumulated throughout our life, we all have something wonderful to add to this world that no one else can do but YOU! What you decide to do with your recipe is up to you.

Go own your life! Experiment with it. Be comfortable in your own skin. Enjoy yourself. You know how to walk so do something creative with your steps now. Discover the music of your soul. Practice your song and become a master at being you. I’d like to add to the quote above by reminding you to keep using music to enhance your day. Life is your own experience, thoughts and wisdom. Live your life with music – and make it a beautiful song. Life is a song. Sing it!