Now that the year 2015 is over and we are starting a New Year 2016, Let’s start IT off with doing some Cleansing… Here IS a great and simple way to do an Easy Cleanse… 🙂 Here is the secret to healing. 

Here is some info on the Importance of Cleansing the Colon, Liver & destroying parasites. I like to paint a picture so that people can see for themselves what is possibly going on inside your body…

I recommend doing a Cleanse every 3 months, I formulated a Colon Liver & Parasite Cleanse…A three in one formula, it’s gentle to use its in a vegetable capsule, take in the morning at breakfast time and then just before dinner meal. Take for 30 days till all capsules are taken, then you wait for next season which is three months and do it again…

Four seasons in a year so 4 bottles a year, If you have Digestion issues, I recommend to use two bottles, which is 60 days, then wait for 3 months, to take again, you may only need one bottle if by now you have a better Digestion. 🙂

So stick with the Cleanse Program and you will Feel so much Better and have better bowel movements…This IS the name of the Game!! 


The colon, part of the large intestine, is probably best understood as the body’s trash can. This is where the body removes waste. Just like the pipes in your house need to be clean of waste so they can let water flow, your colon also needs to be clean, so that food and water can flow through your body, and your organs can be nourished with vital nutrients. 

      The colon can store up to 25 pounds of food waste. This is an overload and needs to be properly broken down. If not cleaned out, this residual of food turns into acid and bacteria sets in, causing digestive disturbances, a weakened immune system, conditions like high blood pressure, sinus, inflammation, gas, allergies, colds, flu, acne, poor skin, heartburn, irritable bowels, chronic fatigue, memory loss and acid reflux. These common conditions (and many other conditions) are linked to a clogged-up Colon. To break down the waste we need to clean the colon. Our bodies can only take so much garbage.

So let’s do some good for our body and love this precious machinery and fine tune it. Your body will love you for it! Remember your body is a temple not a garbage disposal. That spare tire wasn’t inherited from your great grandfather, only from his eating habits. The real cause was sugar & chemicals…that’s it! And lack of movement in the body. So let’s start shakin’ things up in your body. Flushing is the key, like a toilet. You have a built-in human toilet, God’s finest and using the right ingredients.



When you were born your body was pure and clean. As you got older your system started to feel sluggish and low on energy. You didn’t know what to do about it! 
     Here are some steps to a better and healthier life. The first step is to ask yourself what you want to achieve for a better body? Write it down in your journal. Then read it every day, morning and evening before bed. You have to commit to yourself, if you are serious. If you want anything in life bad enough you will achieve it.
     Let’s go through these steps one step at a time. Let’s begin cleaning your house… 

     To bring the body into balance you need to ALKALIZE the pH, CLEANSE the Liver, Colon, and eliminate parasites and worms in the body. Doing this will CREATE ENERGY…and a healthy pH. The pH should be in about the 7.0 to 7.3 range. Anything under that you have an acid pH. Go to your health food store and pick up some pH strips. It’s easy to test yourself. You put it under your month for 10 seconds and it will tell you what it is. The most simple test there is. Now, let’s get started…

     Start alkalizing and cleansing. This easy program will create energy. You need to achieve your goals. Toxins are everywhere, from fast foods, tap water, sugars, salts, chemicals, etc. So many of us suffer from these toxic wastes. It’s too much for the body to handle, so we get out of balance.

     When we are run down, our body is deficient in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Our body finally has enough over-load and it starts to shut down. Our electrical system is a good way to put it. It has a lower frequency of electrical current going through our body.

     Picture this, all your nerves are your wires and your blood is the river of life…flowing through to your organs and glands. If your body is too acid then your electrical system is on a low frequency and your blood is polluted. You are not getting the nutrients to the organs and glands and that means you are low on fuel. To jump start your electrical system we need to super alkalize the body, and cleanse your system of the acid waste. To get rid of the CAUSE you need to ALKALIZE & CLEANSE.

Thank you for Letting IT Go!! )))

~Spencer Masterson, MH.