Let’s talk about lists. TO DO lists! There are so many organizational items, books, gadgets and gizmos galore out there to help you be more efficient and I tell you what, it can get expensive. I love being organized and I love having my mind free to think clearly. If I have things in my head I need to get it down on paper and out of my head or I’ll never sleep. (I still don’t sleep, but that’s another story) I keep a notebook with me at all times, small, large, journal, spiral, you name it – I’ve carried it. It’s almost as important as lip gloss. Well, almost… 

If you want to accomplish things in your life – My suggestion (at least at this time in my life) is that you get a notebook and keep it with you. You don’t have to get all fancy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You DON’T have to learn a system and spend hours and hours learning the most effective way to plan and carry out a plan for the rest of your life. Do you hear me? You can just be simple like me and accomplish all of your dreams!

Here we go. Got your notebook so you can take notes? 🙂 Haha! Open up to the first page in your book. Grab whatever is nearby. I get something cute every now and then but, my favorite is a spiral because if it’s not a notebook the pages tend to get all messed up and some of the pages become unglued over time and fall out. (Why do I use a notebook to create my list and not my phone? More on this here.)

  1. Put the date at the top. (This is great because you can periodically go back to find things. It acts as a journal too.)
  2. At least once a week, take a moment and start dumping. Yes dump everything in that pretty little head of yours… get it all out. Let it out, let it all out O-U-T!
  3. Let your pencil fly. I make a list and number each item. This is just a dumping ground for your thoughts, projects, ideas, to-do’s, wanna haves, must-get-done, responsibilities, dreams, goals, aspirations, visions. None of it goes together and it is all random for now.
  4. Now stop. Got your list? Ponder your list for a few minutes (preferably in a quiet part of your home without too many distractions).  Did anything else pop into your head? Write it down. #57, #58, #59 got it?
  5. Okay, now that you’ve got your list completed (Ha! No list is ever completed. It’s like the old battery commercial…It just keeps going and going and going)IMG_1858
  6. Look it over one by one and make a note next to it with a day you would like to complete it that week – like thisIMG_1859
  7. Flip over the paper and write out the days Starting with Monday and plug in the items you want to do: – like thisIMG_1860-2
  8. Go through your day and add in the times of day you would like to accomplish those tasks and add in more details on what needs to happen for the task to get done. Put “like” items together. 
  9. If you notice on Monday – I have listed, that I need to make 2 phone calls. “Call the doctor” and “call about $150.00” I put those two items together and will do them at the same time. Also, you’ll notice I have listed, “get plane ticket” and “get web girl”. Those two items I will use the computer, so I’ll do those items together at the same time of day. Next, I have “vacuum”, and “wash rugs”. Those items go together for me as well so I’ll do them at the same time of day. Lastly, I have “finish office” listed and “pick up at 3”. Those two items need to be addressed. “Pick up at 3” is a specific time of day where I’ve committed my time to someone who is depending on me. This goes into a time slot, and everything else on my list can be worked around this specific time. “Finish office”, is a vague non specific idea. It entails a bunch of smaller items to be done but at least it is getting attention on my list. I see “finish office” listed as a reminder that I need to work on it. It may not all get finished on Monday, but it’s something I’ll start to work on. It might be necessary for me to continue the task another day. Are you getting the idea?
  10. Maybe I’ll share more with you on specific days of the week in another post. Basically each day of the week has a routine, so I know which items on my list will fit the best on what day of the week. I have a specific day of the week I do errands, laundry, create, grocery shop, volunteer etc. Everyone does what works for them. I’d love it if you share your system. It would be great to learn how you do it! If this works for you great! If not, at least you know my system and a little more about how I make my dreams come true. “Stick to your task till it sticks to you. Beginners are many but enders are few.” This is meant to help you not overwhelm you. EnJOY! 🙂