“Abide With Me” is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album “Sweet By and By” a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album. You can listen to the song “Abide With Me” for free here, or purchase the album here. Or you can listen to a sample of it on youtube here.

“Abide With Me” is a popular Christian hymn sung by many different denominations and written by Henry Francis Lyte and William Henry Monk. The poem written by Henry was set to music while he was on his death bed suffering from tuberculosis. He survived a mere three weeks after it was completed. “Abide With Me” is what we plead for and feel especially when something tragic strikes. We yearn for our Lord to be near us daily as we go about our business, but it is especially comforting to know He is near when we are suffering. This hymn brings all who hear it a great peace and deep feeling of comfort.

“Abide With Me” has always been a favorite of mine. I receive great comfort myself as I sing the lyrics to this song. The melody is also calming and soothing as it lifts my spirit and brings me peace. It is my hope that “Sweet By and By” will help you to feel uplifted and strengthened by the power of heaven. God loves you and it is evident in the lyrics and melodies within the hymns on “Sweet By and By”. I’d love to hear how “Abide With Me” has touched your life? Have you sung it in church? Please share with me how hymns have blessed you in your life in the comments below.