What are you saying about your future?

What are you saying about your dreams? Your goals? 

Even when you say it as a joke, or say something sarcastic it can harm you. 

As crazy as it sounds John Lennon spoke about how he might die in an interview. He said, “I’ll probably be popped off by some loony” And that’s just the way it happened.

Eerie right?

See how powerful your words are?

Speak where you want your life to go.

“Call those thing that be not, as they already are.” This is releasing your faith. When you speak what you want to happen, that is speaking FAITH filled words. 

Go check out the free download of positive declarations to speak over yourself every day. Practice by listening and repeating the declarations of HOPE, FAITH or PROSPERITY and change what your saying and it will be what you’re seeing.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy