Why Do Gratitude Journals work? 

When you are grateful it calms you and lightens your load, it blesses you to realize that you are already blessed. Being grateful for the blessings you have will open doors to bring you more to be grateful for in your life. In Philippians 4:6 it says, “Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your request to God.” I would love for you to try gratitude. It works for me. I challenge you to try it for 30 days. Write down 5 things you are thankful about each morning. The more you express your thanksgiving to God the more doors will open up for you. Look for simple ways you are already blessed and be thankful for them. Speak them out loud to God and write them down in your gratitude journal. I know it will bless your life. Discover why keeping this practice of gratitude blesses your life and those around you.

I have kept a journal like this myself for years and I know it helps me. I created a journal and you can find it in the store on the website. Right now through Thanksgiving I am including a free gift with your purchase while supplies last. I also want you to know that one tenth of my product earnings is donated to helping the poor and needy.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy