I got a kick out of this shirt! I saw it while I was out this weekend. I wish more people in this world did understand music and wanted it in their lives. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all made learning an instrument a priority? Who didn’t learn an instrument as a child? Maybe you tried it and it was too hard to continue working at, instead you found something else that intrigued you more. I hope so! Do you have an interest in hearing someone play the instrument better than you ever could? I do! I learned an instrument as a child and I am convinced it was so that I could understand how much effort goes into learning the skill and appreciate what people are able to do.

It takes a lot of practice, patience and time learning an instrument. Wouldn’t it be cool if live music was really appreciated by everyone? Participating in a live musical experience regularly is something we ought to do, but most do not. Why? Too much money? Not our regular routine? What is the excuse? I’m really not sure but it makes me sad. I went to see the Phoenix Symphony  this weekend and they were outstanding! I couldn’t help but notice most every person in the audience was much older than myself.  It got me thinking about how much the world will change in just a few years. Who will be attending these concerts when the current audience members are gone? Or worse, who will be supporting the person playing an instrument in the concert? It actually started to scare me how much we do not support the arts in our communities. Why? When was the last time you visited an art gallery? Are we too busy to appreciate? Are we too caught up in other things? Why not attend an art exhibit and learn to appreciate someones hard work and effort, precision and persistence in making something so beautiful and pleasing for our enjoyment? I am disappointed not more people my age attend these cultural experiences. I’d like to know why? Is it because we have no appreciation? No understanding? Would we rather spend our money on a football game? What is it? What is the answer? And even if I find out the answer, what will ever change the answer? Attending a live symphony with beautiful music enriches my life. I love seeing the instrument that is being played. I love watching the strings bowing up and down and the flute being lifted up to be played, I love seeing the conductor dance, I love seeing people tapping their toes and swaying their heads. I enjoy hearing it live. I love music and participating in it. It thrills me to the core. If you haven’t been to a live concert – splurge a little, and live a little. I urge you to get out and try something live one time and see if it changes you. If it something you enjoyed I’d like to know about it. Do something different than your regular routine. Change it up and get out of your date rut! Take some time to smell the roses, they are beautiful and there for our pleasure.