Seriously? I can’t believe I won “Best Table Topic” again. What’s up with that? I think they definitely have it rigged in the club to have the award go to the person who is the newbie. There is no question about it.

This time we did an impromptu speech where we grabbed a slip of paper and on the paper there were different numbers. Each person involved was asked to participate in sharing a story that began with an introduction. After a minute and a half we were interrupted by a bell and someone else had to continue. When the time was up (the bell rang) the next person in line had to continue the story. It was a very fast paced way to think on your feet and be ready for anything. I started the story after some background was given about how I was on an island and I brought along 5 friends. I had to continue the story when the last words were said, “I heard someone talking in the distance…” I took over with the story and created everything on the spot. I started up by explaining that I could smell oranges in a tree above me, I had to eat some of the tasty fruit, I reached high above my head for this delicious treat and I heard the men shouting loudly in the distance about a gun. “What were they going to do with this gun?” I thought to myself… the story continued, the bell rang and my turn was over.

Another shocker…I didn’t have any grammatical errors today. (Well, at least not in my speech… There are plenty of erros on my blog.) Surprisingly, I had no idea where I was going in my story at all. I can’t remember the last time I had to tell an impromptu story. I didn’t know it had any flow, I was relying on what came to my mind. I was trusting my instincts. I guess the right words popped into my head and I was able to come up with a good story. I had no idea I was saying anything of interest or worthy of the award for the day.

I had fun though and I’m definitely hooked on this club now. (If I wasn’t already hooked before) I am enjoying learning about speeches and I hope to improve and be able to grow. There will be more competitions in August and I’m looking forward to them. When the gentleman who was finishing up the end of the story came to the conclusion, he had us all laughing and snickering. It was a hoot! It would be so difficult to wrap it all up but he did an excellent job. (I know this is one of those things where you had to be there. I just needed to share my morning.)

There is something very inspiring about getting up early (at five am)I feel all pumped up… Almost like I could take on the world! (Okay not really…but I could take on a story that gets passed to me any time.) Going to Toastmasters makes it a wonderful morning and I hope to participate in more of these games in the future. (I will be heading back to the club next week, even if I hadn’t gotten an award for the second time in a row.)