It was a blast getting to perform and meet so many amazing people last night at the “Big Shift” event. I enjoyed being able to participate using music and also getting to hear some great speakers! Sorry my picture is a little blurry but I’m standing with Master Herbalist, Spencer Masterson who was one of the speakers at the event last night. It was very interesting and inspiring to be given so much great information about our bodies. I’ve always loved reading books about food, health and nutrition. I know some people probably think it’s a little wacky to be reading books about food, but I actually find them quite entertaining and informative. I feel like I’m getting an education about an important subject and it thrills me to be spending my life doing things that are not a waste of time. I think the first book I read about nutrition was one my mother gave me called, “Let’s eat right to keep fit” when I was in high school. I feel better about getting to the root of the problem rather than take a pill. To me taking a pill is like covering up the issue with a bandage. More on that subject another day… (maybe). It fires me up just thinking about how food is our energy source and so many people don’t understand nutrition. Food is our fuel. Food needs to be real, natural and whole. We are what we eat. We are organic and not junk. I love this subject so much I’m going to put down a few tips for you that I’ve incorporated into my life throughout the years.

Tip #1. Every time I go to the grocery store I put food in my cart that my great grandmother would recognize. I knew 2 of my great grandmothers. One lived until she was 102. She was vibrant and very sharp. My rule, if grandma doesn’t know what it is, it isn’t food and doesn’t go into my cart and should never go into my body.

Tip #2. Think about this the next time you feel hungry, you might actually just be thirsty. Get a drink of water and try that first before you go for (real) food. Water is important and most people do not drink enough of it.

Water has always been my drink of choice. I love water! I drink 8 bottles of water during a performance both on and off stage. We can’t live without water, I need it when I’m singing. I’ll have to post more about this subject another day because it is so fascinating to me and last night was fun. I loved attending and being a part of this special night. I love learning and being reminded about how to strengthen and better my life! I hope you join me at the next one.