Let’s continue to talk about and explain the 4 successful habits.

Habit number 1 is to plan your day the night before.

Habit number 2 is to write down a list of your goals and dreams.

Habit number 3?

Speak positive words of affirmations out of your mouth.

This is how successful people achieve their dreams.

Your voice is what you listen to.
Your voice is what you hear every day.

If you want to achieve your goals. Learn how to speak positively about them.

Watch what you’re saying, what are you speaking from your mouth?

You will achieve your dreams much faster, when you focus on saying positive words about them.

It’s easy.

1. Plan your day before.
2. Write down your dreams in a journal.
3. Speak positive words

We’ll discuss number 4 next week. 

To unlock the power of your tongue speak positive affrimations or out check out the 3 books and the daily journal to help you succeed and get started achieving your goals today.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy