Yesterday I was asked to sing (at the last minute) a few songs for a retired community Christmas party. As a singer, I always need to be ready with one or two songs no mater where I go. People recognized me at the party and wanted me to sing for them. Two different women at the party had met me in Idaho 2 years ago while I was teaching at BYU Education week. It was amazing to learn some of them had grandchildren who knew me and I had just sang for them at a youth conference a few weeks previously. It was a fun experience and I was delighted to sing for them. I sang a medley of Christmas hymns and a Christmas favorite of mine, “O Holy Night”. I enjoyed bringing some Christmas cheer to them. My week has been filled with doing music enrichment programs for public schools. I’ll write more about that later, but I thought I’d give a quick update about my day yesterday. Singing is so fun and I love having a chance to do it anywhere and everywhere.