Last night I got to sing with a choir in Scottsdale, AZ. I loved it. It was a great experience to be singing with a group of people who love singing. I enjoyed the song selections too. We got to sing “For the Beauty of the Earth”, “Balm In Gilead”, “Have I done any good”, “I will lift up mine Eyes”. We had a great group of people show up for the performance. It was a very touching night and I cried several times which made it difficult to sing. I really felt an amazing spirit and I was so glad to be part of the event.

I look forward to more of these concerts. Singing is so enjoyable for me and I know I’ll do it forever simply because I love it. I LOVE it, it’s that simple. I can’t even imagine what life would be like with out music. I love being able to participate musically in helping people feel joy. After the presentation was over last night I had a sweet man thank me personally and somehow his words to me made the entire experience the icing on the cake. I didn’t have to go home wondering if anyone was touched by what I did. Learning music is not always easy, it takes time and effort and as a performer it is nice to know if your hard work inspired anyone. Clapping, laughing, tears and standing ovations are all great indications that the audience is enjoying what is presented, but when people actually take the time to tell you what you’ve done for them specifically it really makes all the difference.