Last week I got to perform at the Lion’s Lincoln Theatre in Ohio. It is such a charming theatre. It is one of the oldest purpose built movie theaters in the world that still shows movies. It was built in 1915 by a silent movie company solely as a movie house. The stage was added much later for live shows. They had a fancy marquee outside of the theatre and it looked pretty cool at night. I’d never seen my picture on a marquee before so I took a video of the entire thing and you can view it here if you are interested. The audience was so warm and friendly that night and people were very kind afterwards. It was such a pleasure to get to meet so many people and hear from them. I love that they have kept this theatre from being torn down. It is so amazing to see such a beautiful old venue. It has so much character and charm. I really had a fun time investigating all the back rooms behind the theatre. It was lit up nicely during the show, but if it hadn’t been it would have been a little scary. Everyone kept saying the place was haunted, but I wasn’t worried about any of that, mostly I was worried about tripping over something in my long gowns. Thankfully I never stumbled at all and the show went very well.

I enjoyed Ohio very much and miss living there. It was so fun to get a chance to go back and see part of it. The weather was getting quite cool but the leaves were all changing colors on the trees and everything was so lovely. I can’t wait to go back again. Ohio is such a beautiful place. I also was able to perform for a 4 Stake fireside in Columbus while I was visiting. I think I enjoyed that most of all. I really had a great time and it was so special to be able to meet so many good people.