You know the story in the bible where Jesus and his disciples went to the pool of Bethesda? There was a man that had been living there near the pool for 38 years. He went there to get well. Jesus asked him a question.

Wilt thou be made whole?

In other words, do you WANT to get well?

Why would he ask this poor man that quesiton?

Well because he had been there for 38 YEARS! Nothing had changed. Nothing was happening.

He had remained the same.

In our recordings Jesus didn’t say, you poor guy. I’m sorry.

He didn’t say, you’ve been through so much, let me help you.

NO. He gave him 3 instructions. He told him to:

RISE, TAKE up your bed, and WALK

In other words to me this is what it means.

RISE means take responsibility for your life. We wait for people to help us, it’s up to us. It’s an attitude. Make the effort. 
TAKE up your bed. – How do you want your life to look like? Is it a mess? How do you desire your life to be? Get organized, get it in the way you wish it to be. Work at it.

WALK – When you know where you’re headed you get there. Stand up tall. Get your idea on paper, in front of you. Your destination is calling you. You have been given a dream that is in your heart, walk to get there. Walk to it every day little by litte. You’ll get there.

As you do the exercises in My Daily Journal on a daily basis. You will start to see changes in yourself over time. You will begin to see your dreams a reality.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy