Until you figure out what it means to live a successful life for YOU, you will continue to struggle staying motivated and inspired to work on your goals. I talk to people all the time who ask me, Do you ever get tired of working on your goals? Do you ever want to quit? How do you stay motivated?

The secret to motivation? I would rather use the word disciplined or routine instead of that word. I would say the secret to motivation is your habits. The habits you create for your life are what bring you success. It is a habit to do what I do, day in and day out. It isn’t a decision, it is a lifestyle. It is something I’ve worked at little by little. Staying determined to reach my goals, is non negotiable. To help you further, check out my books on the website. We all have 24 hours in a day. We all get to decide what we do with those hours. I believe we all have been given a dream in our heart. It is up to you to accomplish it.

It is not difficult – it just requires effort.

Once you have your dream/idea/vision/goal in front of you you will never look back. It will motivate and inspire you to get up every day to work toward it and go after it.

I have a book titled Daily Cheer. I created it to cheer you onward towards your goals every day of the year. It will help you as you continue to push towards your dreams and goals. You can find Daily Cheer in the store on the website. You can download the PDF or get a hard copy sent to you. Right now through Valentine’s Day I am including a free gift with your hard copy purchase while supplies last. I also want you to know that one tenth of my product earnings is donated to helping the poor and needy.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy