Publication December 10, 2014

Thanks to Amanda Gallegos, kazandra Gamiño and Ly-ann Ayala for his contribution to this article.

SANTIAGO, Chile – On Sunday, July recent month at the San Miguel Stake Center, the production team and artists participating in the Christmas Concert at Temple of Santiago 2014 gathered for the rehearsal to Within days of the Christmas presentations. The first presentation was yesterday in Concepción.

The trial was attended by the Choir and Youth Orchestra Mormon, soloists will perform with the choir and orchestra, and international guest artists: the artistic duo Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy.

“This is my first time I’m in South America,” Marvin said when interviewed by El Faro Mormon and after confessing to being surprised with this youth, “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

Elder Valentin Nunez, of the Seventy and Director of Public Affairs in Chile, who is in charge of the event, said that this year the concert was divided into three parts: the first segment will be Latin American carols, the following will be Christmas music around world and the final part will be in charge of the guest artists Marvin Goldstien and Vanessa Joy.

  Barby Farias in Santiago Temple Gardens. | Photo: Courtesy Barbara Farias
Barby Farias in Santiago Temple Gardens. | Photo: Courtesy Barbara Farias

Just by entering the cultural hall of the chapel of San Miguel could see a small preview of what will be the concert this year, stars that shone concert last year and new faces that promise to captivate the audience.

Among the familiar faces are Barbara Farias, Camila Gallardo and Giovanni Mazzinni.

Barby Farías, “super anxious for the day when”

“I’m super happy that they have told me again to take this responsibility to sing solo” said Barbara, “I am extremely anxious that the day comes to show everything we’ve tested together with the choir and orchestra and all persons who have made it possible to perform the christmas concert. ”

This year, unlike last year, your participation will not be cut as folk as the year advanced that include slower and take a more spiritual issues.

Barby, as his friends know, has never gone before conception and that is the first place last night presented. “I’m happy to go, it’s a different, nice experience, plus I have many friends there and I’m happy to share what I like to do with them.”

  Giovanni Mazzinni singing during the concert last year. | Photo: Ignacio Bello.
Giovanni Mazzinni singing during the concert last year. | Photo: Ignacio Bello.

Giovanni Mazzini, “with dancing and everything”

For its part, the interpreter who became famous for his portrayal of “Burrito Sabanero” Giovanni Mazzini, said he was happy again be at the concert.

El Faro Mormon: Last year, the most awaited part of all was when danced. This year, will you dance well or not?

Giovanni: [laughs] This year come new challenges. Most likely surprise the audience. So they have to go, go and see, so they can enjoy this beautiful show, obviously with dancing and everything for the public, for you.

Among the new faces are Valentina Fres, the duo Marcela Hernández and Fernando Calquín, youth trio Cony Moya, Maryo Morales and Milica (Poppy) Barraza and “boy band” pop with Raul Villanueva, Giovanni Mazzinni, Daniel Díaz and Camilo Sobarzo.

The revival of The Puppini Sisters in Chile

When began Cony (16), Maryon (15) and Poppy (16) auditions, did not think singing together, in fact was not known and auditioned separately. Cony and Maryon with Poppy is Santiago and Villa Alemana, Valparaiso. A week called them telling them that had been selected but there was a surprise, she did not sing alone.

  Poppy, Cony and Maryon | Photo: Yamil Inostroza.
Poppy, Cony and Maryon | Photo: Yamil Inostroza.

EFM: The curlers are the three is pure coincidence?

Cony: Yeah, it was like something surprise! [laugh]

Maryon: Yes, at least we think so.

By now the girls are still thinking of a stage name, but by music style singing and excellent voice, is not hard to remember The Puppini Sisters, so it would become something like the Puppini Sisters Chilean SUD.

At his young age, the three have a whole career ahead possible to develop, despite his talent, not pensaro that could step on the same stage as David Archuleta stepped on previous years.

Maryon says he remembers “two years ago was watching the Christmas Concert in fact had little idea that because I baptize chiquitita but not attended church … and I just activé Young Women age … I sang in the Church and I said “Maryon, someday you’re gonna be there” and I said “no, they have names and stuff,” and was the Elder Archuleta Lopez and Sister and I thought “no, this is another level.” This year saw the poster of the auditions and was like “I’ll go to auditions when or if”

“We’ve always wanted to sing together but had never had the opportunity”

  Fernando Calquín, who sing with Marcela Hernández. | Photo: Facebook, Christmas Concert – Chile
Fernando Calquín, who sing with Marcela Hernández. | Photo: Facebook, Christmas Concert – Chile

Marcela Hernandez, also came to auditions alone, not knowing that the next day another member of his ward, Fernando Calquín, go to audition.

“[Auditioned] the same song,” says Marcela “I’ve always liked as he sings and have always wanted to sing together but had never given the opportunity … [a day] suddenly called me and said ‘You stayed to sing and you. Do you know the person with you. gonna sing? It is called Fernando Calquín ‘and say’ Aah, we always wanted to sing together !? ”

Marcela says that the concert knew him “only last year because I was invited, but ideally to be because one is filled with spirituality because the voices show and playing instruments, how to interpret that have … to me, at least hairs stood me the first time I heard “.

The international guest artists Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy

  Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy. | Courtesy: Vanessa Joy.
Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy. | Courtesy: Vanessa Joy.

Marvin Goldstein is an acclaimed pianist and interpreter with a career spanning more than 50 years. He began playing the accordion and the piano when he was 9 years old, he learned to play the French horn in high school and at age 18 he received a scholarship at the School of Music at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel. He continued his studies at the “Mozarteum” in Salzburg, Austria and attained his Masters in Music from the Florida State Univesidad.

Despite having performed his music in many countries and continents had never been to Chile. “A long time my whole family was Russian ago,” recounts Marvin, “all the United States moved and since then, with many blessings, I played [Piano] for 55 years and have had the opportunity to play in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Bahamas, West Indies, in Alaska, Hawaii … but never in South America, even in Africa, but never in South America. ”

In addition, Marvin shared the stage with major artists like Thurl Bailey, Billy Dean and renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

During his career, Marvin has recorded over 50 albums and has written 15 book of LDS hymn arrangements for solo piano. Their website says it has saved more than 4000 songs. Today travel to Chile with his fellow performer, singer Vanessa Joy.

Vanessa Joy is a performer and songwriter originally from Minnesota. Although the four years began playing the violin grew as he realized that his vocation was singing. Vanessa tells “singing when she was a little girl, but professionally I started at 13 years … in ‘Gilbert and Sullivan Opera’.

With much emphasis Vanessa that “when I started [singing] I loved it, I loved it. When I started using my voice, first loved me like this filled the room, loved the power of voice, but I loved the power to reach out to others, that’s what I loved. ”

He attended Ricks College in Idaho (now BYU – Idaho) and earned his degree in music at Brigham Young University in Provo where he received a scholarship. Vanessa moved to Arizona and attended a workshop for singers in Phoenix and one of the instructors of the seminar was the renowned Mormon pianist Marvin Goldstein, who later invited him to work with him. Together they have traveled many shall bind the world and have produced some albums like “Sweet By and By” and “Expressions of Christ,” the latter is a DVD together Vanessa’s voice, piano Marvin and the beautiful paintings of Greg Olsen . Vanessa also has two albums alone, “The Voice” is the last which was launched a few months ago.

Together, Marvin and Vanessa have touched not only to public SUD and Christians in the United States were invited to perform at the Concert for Peace in Egypt and Israel by Arab Christians and Muslims artists.

Marvin this is not a Christmas concert as others and he says he feels “a special spirit by people who speak Spanish in different parts of the world, I can not really describe exactly what it is, but I feel absolutely that sobrellevada music most effective one way and most powerful culture in Spanish. “Like last year, the music will be performed by the choir, orchestra and soloists is predominantly Latino and Hispanic roots are showing the South American peoples.

After noting the “intimate connection” having Arab folklore and Hebrew with Spanish music Marvin says that “the Spanish way of interpreting this spirit through music.”

Marvin also had a few words to the young artists of the choir and the orchestra, said they “do not feel intimidated” by the music nor the concert, but “are there because they have each other and for music” also called it “indulgent, very friendly and willing to give their talents to others.” a surprised Marvin highlighted the quality of the event that is prepared and said “I have not really seen anything as big or as organized people of this age anywhere in the world where I’ve played. ”

Marvin is already 65 years old, and does not plan to leave the stage. Happy to be in Chile asserts that possibly be their next destinations in South America, “may participate with young people like these in other parts of the continent, not only in this country.”

In a fluent conversation with Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy, El Faro Mormon Question: What are your feelings on being here?

Vanessa: Before we meet them Skype and work with the director, today was our first rehearsal where we can be here and has been a pleasure to meet all these young people and listen to their talent and feel their spirits. It was something poignant. I will never forget. This was a beautiful moment.

EFM: And that’s just the beginning. You have four other presentations, one in Concepción and three others here in the Temple of Santiago.

Vanessa: Yeah, if Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

EFM: What would you say to the undecided who do not yet know whether the concert?

Vanessa: They decided, must come now!They must decide now!

Marvin: Well, obviously this is a time and a time to feel the spirit of the Lord, which is available in abundance in these presentations through music in general, with these young they are very energetic and are really happy to do. Even if they are not professional interpreters in reality if they are very professional in the interpretation of the Spirit, which is the most important.

Vanessa: People must come to feel and be ready for this time of year. I think music is the only way that I feel ready to celebrate the birth of Christ and that is the message that why we are here and what we sing. People who have hope feel the message we are giving and sharing through the song.

Marvin: The other thing is to take a break from life is very difficult. Take a break and come to hear the music, it is good to come to feel and learn something.

EFM: Take a break from their lives and come to feel the Spirit. That’s a good invitation.


In complement to the show will be presented in both regions in the musical realm, has also prepared Dance Group who only presented in Santiago.

This concert will be broadcast to all stake centers South America South Area well as via streaming to everyone online. This is a great effort of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to bring the spirit of Christmas to your pours, the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
When asked the trio of singers ladies about what should expect people to come and see the show, they responded:

Cony: Enjoying the Christmas spirit through music.

Poppy: And remember above all the meaning of Christmas is not the gifts and all the bustle of shopping and all that consumerism, but the birth of Jesus Christ.

Maryon: Most of all is to communicate and make us remember the true sense.

For its part, Barbara says to the members and friends of the Church “They have to go though the Christmas concert 3 years ago, every year has something different, what they have in common each year is that it feels very strong the Spirit.

Raúl Villanueva matches the same thing: “I think we should expect more than anything to feel the Spirit, rather than seeking perfection in all the musicians and singers seek the Spirit of Christ and then do things that matter.”

Fernando Calquin goes a little deeper: “When Christmas approaches What is the closest figure we have in our mind? Is Father Christmas or Jesus Christ? It is my challenge that figure is that of Jesus Christ in my family. Music makes us tick the soul, spirit and body, and probably Christmas is different after living a concert like this, beyond the voices, the spirit that exists is wonderful. If you want that Christmas is different, I invite you to participate in this.

Giovanni closes wanted to close as follows: “I would like to invite you to this spectacular concert we are preparing the Christmas Concert. On December 9 in Concepción; 12, 13 and 14 here in Santiago, so they can enjoy the holiday spirit, they can feel the joy of music and especially remember the birth of Jesus Christ. We wait and do not miss. “