Recently I was asked to write a paragraph about music for a book. The book is called, “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” written by Susan Easton Black and Marvin Goldstein. Marvin told me that it was back in 1995 that he used the title in describing his music foundation and he felt it would be something he would use later on in his life. I cannot tell you how hard it was to only write one paragraph. How can you fit everything you want to say about such an important subject into just one paragraph? Trust me – I could write a book. (Oh my gosh is that a pun?) The book will be for sale in August. I will be at the book signing too. I finally finished the quote for this unique collection of well known artists about a year ago and this is what I came up with. (I wish I could have written more. Maybe someday I will – in a novel.)

“Music is a gift from heaven. Music is needed in my life like water. I thirst for it and cannot live without it. Music is like a dear friend, who brings me joy and knows just how to comfort me. Music makes my life easier and brighter. Music teaches me to listen. It causes me to ponder and motivates me to make improvements in my life. Somehow time seems to stand still as good music is being played. It helps me understand what eternity must feel like. How could there be a world without music? Just as I need air to breath, I need music to live.”

I am looking forward to getting this book into my possession. I’ve gotten to read over some of the manuscript, but having the hard copy in my hands will be so much better. I love the feel of paper. My eyes feel better not reading on a screen and the visual of seeing my progress after reading and turning page after page gives me a sense of accomplishment. I never dreamed I would be asked to write my opinion for an author. I feel it is a great honor and a privilege to be asked about music. I look forward to reading about all the other amazing artists who have been asked to be a part of this story. It has taken many hours to compile it and several years to complete it and I know it will be treasured by many people. I hope you check back here again to find out where it will be available for purchase.