How many times in a day do you wish you could change your mood? Seriously? Do you know how many different moods you find yourself in on any given day? My great uncle died. I cried when I found out. My niece won a soccer tournament and I cheered. My friend had a bad day and I sympathized with her. My car needed new tires and they cost three times what I had predicted. Do you ever find yourself wanting to change your mood? Try music. It helps you cope with life’s ever changing moods. 

Music is so powerful isn’t it? To me, there are many songs that uplift and strengthen your life. They build your spirit and enlighten your mind. There are so many beautiful songs that bring answers to prayer or help you through a troubled time in your life. Music needs to be used – and will help you to feel comforted.

What music do you use and listen to on a regular basis that you’ve noticed has helped you change your mood? Do you have a list of songs that are bringing you happiness? Please share your songs with us here so you can help others in elevating their mood. 

The next time you’re feeling down, or need to change your mood – try music. It’s everywhere. Even in the elevators, and sometimes on the plane. Have you ever noticed that the newer planes play music that is calming as you walk in, while you are trying to find your seat? Is this on purpose or just a coincidence? Believe me it’s to help you. Music helps you in so many ways. It is like medicine. I’d love to know what songs have helped you change your outlook, and have lifted you up with courage and strength. What music has given you comfort and peace? Try it the next time you need a lift.