I was asked to sing a solo called, “We Must Sing“. The music is beautiful and written by Rob Gardner . Shortly after I sang this song I learned about a production called “Lamb of God” that would be held at the Gammage Auditorium at ASU. I got tickets right away because I was intrigued with this musical prodigy and I wanted to listen to his work performed live. I had heard so much about Rob and coincidentally we happened to live in the same state!  I am so glad I was able to attend the concert, his masterpiece brought me to tears. I was especially touched during the song “Gethsemane”.  The cello solo represents the voice of Christ. I was blown away by how much this entire passage meant to me. I heard drops of blood falling from the sounds created by the plucking strings in the orchestra. I felt the drops of blood falling for me. I had the privilege of meeting this gifted musician for dinner.  I enjoyed hearing how he wrote this inspired work of beauty, and learning about all of his musical goals for the future. I am so impressed with his ability and talent. If you have an opportunity to attend “Lamb of God” do it!