Publication December 12, 2014 by Alondra Friz P.

CONCEPCION, Chile – If Conception not going to Santiago, Santiago comes to Concepción, and it was. The cast of the traditional Christmas Concert at Temple of Santiago de Chile, along with guest artists featured in the Tuesday afternoon concert in the city of Concepción.

The University Theater of Concepción, traditional stage arts and culture in the Biobio Region, was the place where more than 1200 spectators of all faiths gathered to enjoy music and a first class show that entertained every minute more and more people in their stands.

About fifty people between the choir and the orchestra, soloists added this to all parts of the country and special guest singer Vanessa Joy and mastery of pianist Marvin Goldstein who in his white suit and talent delighted to participating public.

Vanessa us about your experience said: “I felt a beautiful spirit tonight. The music is so universal that everyone can feel. All were able to enjoy a pleasant moment ”

What happened, what was experienced, along with the words of officials, artists and assistants, I show in this note by Alondra Friz and Marcelo Olate into the camera.