Publication December 9, 2014

SANTIAGO, Chile – Additional Christmas concert the choir and orchestra presented in Temple Square of Santiago is traditionally performed by the choir and orchestra of young Mormons in Concepción, for the first time with his special guests, will be presented in the capital near the banks of Biobio.

The presentation will take place today at 20:00 at the University of Concepción Theatre located opposite the Plaza Independencia.

The distinguished American pianist Marvin Goldstein, is one of the special guests along with his artistic partner Vanessa Joy, Goldstein said that this “is the first time I have the opportunity to be in South America” and expressed his enthusiasm to visit Chile.

He also left a special penquista invitation and who are hesitant to go to the concert tonight: “This is a time, a time to feel the Spirit of the Lord, which is available in abundance in these presentations through music in general these young people are very energetic and are very happy to do what they do … young people are professionals in the interpretation of the Spirit, which is the most important. “