So a friend of mine went to Snowflake and stayed at a darling Bed and Breakfast (very cute spot. For more info click here) that I happened to stay at a few months ago when I was performing. The couple who own the spot are very cute and each room is equipped with a charming key that locks your door and hangs by the front door when you walk in. They have a nice burning fire in the living room. Everything about it is beautiful. It’s a great place to visit. They have the best breakfast (so yummy) they make a delicious pancake and serve it to you fresh from the oven, and also provide you with the recipe. This friend of mine who stayed there happened to notice my album sitting on top of the stack of music in the dining room right next to the Sting Album! Yes, that is my album on the top of the stack of CDs and they were so amazed by it they had to take a picture and send it to me. I was impressed too! How fun that they took a picture and actually remembered to send it to me. I love it! My music is being played in Snowflake, AZ at a quaint little bed and breakfast. This news was as good as getting fan mail.