Today I got to teach a “Joy Full Music Class” in a local preschool. Joy Full Music program has specially designed curriculum with activities, music, dancing, rhythm, instrumentation singing and more. I have missed teaching young students and it was so easy to jump right back into it. Children always seem to love it and this group of kids was no exception. I enjoyed showing them different instruments, and singing with them. They were a behaved group which helped me a lot while I taught them rhythm and tonal patterns. I love this music program. It is so phenomenal  – it really educates children and puts them on a path to learning notation and sight reading. Tucked away with all of my music books I found my old T-shirt with my business name and logo on it so I of course I got to wear that again too. I had so much fun during class it made me think, “I might have to start teaching this music program again”, I didn’t realize how much I missed it! Music is so important. Parents need to sing to their children. We all need more music! Children simply delight in music, their excitement and sense of wonder is important to keep alive and music helps them to do it. It was a delightful and JOYFULL day to be participating in music with little ones. Start singing to your toddler today, if you don’t have a toddler start singing to your grandchild, nephew, or your teenager, it doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have a good voice or if you don’t carry a tune – singing does more good than you realize and it doesn’t need to be pretty! If you don’t know any songs start with the Alphabet song, or the Happy Birthday song. Just sing something – ANYTHING will do. Just do it, the benefits far out-way any bad notes you think you are going to hit. Sing to your grand kids, sing to your gardenia’s just get out of your comfort zone and start singing to your child today! Do it right away! No delay! (I’ll tell you why later) Okay?