It seems like I have been waiting to go see this guy for 15 years! I watched a DVD of Jerry Seinfeld’s routine several years ago and I wanted to watch him live so badly. I have never been in a city where he has been performing, and I have lived a lot of places! He is SO funny. The show was amazing! I couldn’t believe it when he said, “Goodnight folks” I thought I had been sitting in my seat for only 30 minutes. It went by so quickly because we were having so much fun and laughing the entire time. I can’t believe this guy. I laughed my head off the entire show, which lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It was the best time I think I’ve ever had at a comedy show. He is so entertaining, so energetic, and enthusiastic you can’t help but smile while watching his facial expressions. How does he remember everything and never get tripped up on all of his pronunciations? The people around me in the audience were great. Everyone was having a blast and sometimes hearing their laughs got me laughing even more too! Jerry is really incredible and does his job of creating silliness well. I loved his show!