Amazing! I actually got to meet the composer of one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Jeff Goodrich has written many songs in his lifetime, but I specifically remember singing the music “I heard Him Come” when I was very young and I loved it. It was an honor to meet him. I got to meet his sweet wife 2 years ago and it was so fun to meet with both of them together and be able to sing in a concert for his community. We had a great time on New Years Eve. The night was full of so much fun. First I got to go to dinner with them, and I got to hear personally from Jeff how he wrote the song. He was just a young teenager and he told me he did it as a seminary assignment. He even admitted he had procrastinated the assignment and finished it up the night before it was due. His wife added that because he was living his life correctly, he was blessed that night to finish the song. After we had dinner together, we headed over to do a concert at the community Theater. Next, we went to visit a large youth group who had been celebrating the new year and we got to entertain them for a little while. Then we quickly drove over to a lovely warm home where we were able to do some more music and ring in the new year together. I think they know how to party in Altamont! I stayed at a lovely lodge called, “Falcon’s Ledge”. It was absolutely beautiful and the views were breathtaking. What a honor it was to meet Jeff. It was so exciting to meet someone who I’ve only known through music. What a thrill it was! I never dreamed I would ever meet him. It’s amazing what cool experiences happen throughout our lives. This memory is one I will always treasure.