By Lisa Dayley –  Weekly News Journal and author of the recently released “Frozen Trail.”

It’s not every day that two mega talents come together to perform but that’s what happens when noted pianist Marvin Goldstein and singer Vanessa Joy entertain. The two known as Gold-n-Joy combine their gifts to serenade crowds and truly draw audiences into their joy of performing. They’re as comfortable – and as good – at performing everything from Broadway tunes to spirituals.

Goldstein accompanies Joy while she sings. And does she sing. She belts it out and holds those notes longer than what would seem humanly possible.  Yet, this wisp of a woman does it leaving the audience astonished, amazed and thrilled at a heavenly inspired talent. How else do you explain such a gift?

Both make the audience comfortable. Despite having performed internationally, they are just as at ease performing in front of a Cairo crowd as they are for a Burley, Idaho one. It makes the saying “music is the universal language” a most true statement.  They embrace their audience and invite them into the conversation often explaining the mechanics – and the joy – of music.

Goldstein doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s just as happy playing Beethoven as he is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He shows audiences that while music is universal, each culture does have its own take on those songs yet presents them in a way that helps anyone of any background enjoy what he’s playing

What is truly remarkable is that for as much acclaim as he’s received and as highly sought after  as Goldstein is, he doesn’t mind sharing the stage with Joy. You can tell by watching him that he’s having an enormous amount of fun working with Joy and helping her – an up and coming singer.  The two are in perfect harmony and seem to enjoy the shared partnership of bringing music to audiences everywhere all over the world.

Following each concert Joy and Goldstein meet with their audience and seem to be truly thrilled and flattered that each audience member attended the Gold-n-Joy concert. They move through the post-concert crowd as if they’re visiting with long lost friends. The saying “never met a stranger” would be accurate for Goldstein and Joy. They shake hands, sign autographs and visit with those who have just been to their concerts. They seem to really enjoy the camaraderie with fellow music lovers.

If you have a chance to attend a Gold-n-Joy concert, it’s an opportunity not to be missed and is money well spent.

Lisa Dayley –  Weekly News Journal and author of the recently released “Frozen Trail.”