Finding it hard to be grateful?

It’s easy to miss a lot of the things we can be grateful about, especially when we get busy, or when we are feeling overwhelmed.

This is why creating and setting a time each day to count our blessings helps us to focus our attention and helps us get intentional. This helps us form a better habit. Continually reminding ourselves to be thankful over time will help us.

Remember the Israelites? They grumbled and complained a long time didn’t they? They didn’t get anywhere either. It took them 40 years to find their land while they continued to complain. It only takes 11 days to get where they were going and I wonder if they had been grateful, would they have found it sooner?

I’ve heard it said, complain, and you will remain. Nobody wants that.

Practice gratitude instead and change your focus.

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Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy