I have the best fans ever! It’s so exciting to get packages in the mail from people don’t you think? I have met so many amazing people through singing. I can’t believe it but I’ve actually made some “fans” and they are so thoughtful to go the extra mile and actually put together a package to make my day brighter. It really lifts me up and makes my entire week better. It is really important to me and I appreciate all of them for letting me know what my music has done. It is encouraging and I thought I would mention one package I got in the mail from a really special fan.

Singing in concerts is a dream come true for me and receiving a package in the mail is honestly the icing on the cake. It sure feels good to get a gift or note from someone who is appreciative. Today the fan mail I wanted to share is from a friend in Las Vegas. He attended a conference where I spoke about making friendships and as young girl I remember people giving away heart shaped necklaces to best friends and I mostly used music to do the teaching during class. Well, this dear fan sent me a package that showed up at my home a few weeks after the conference. It was a huge surprise to find that he had bought the necklace I was referring to in my story and had sent me the half with a note that explained we will always be forever friends. It was so thoughtful because it showed he listened closely in my class and took the time to send something that had meaning to me. 

I just wanted to send a special thank you to my great fan in Vegas!