Do you know the song, “Dry bones, dry bones?”

…The thigh bone connected to your, back bone, the back bone connected to the shoulder bone… etc etc? Do you remember the song yet?

Well this song came about because of the story in Ezekiel 37.

It tells about a valley of dead bones. And God asks him, “can these bones live?” Sounds a bit creepy, to be in the middle of a bunch of old bones, but the whole point I’m getting at is that he asks this question because everything was dead in that valley. There was no life.

Do you have dreams at are dead right now?

Do you have something you want to give life to that you have been giving up on?

Speak life over your dreams.

Give breath, encouragement and positive words to your dreams. Just as Ezekiel was asked to do.

Sometimes there is so much negative around us, everything seems dead. A dried up dream can be brought back life by doing one thing,


The bones rattled and came together after he spoke life.

If you want your dreams to happen learn how to speak positive words.

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Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy