((Unsaved Publication))About the song “Daughter of God”
My music is for everyone (that means you 😉 but I have also written 3 idea books and dozens of songs especially for our amazing Young Women, published by Deseret Book. One song that is now a standard is “Daughter of God.” This song is about knowing who we are, as beloved daughters of our Heavenly Father. I love that President Hinckley said that women are Heavenly Father’s “crowning creation.” This song is about courageously wearing that crown as a royal princess and becoming who you are meant to be.
I sneaked some visual metaphors into this song that you might not have noticed: In the 1st verse we are ‘kneeling to pray,’ 2nd verse ‘rising up,’ 3rd verse ‘standing tall,’ and then it ends with ‘walking with faith.’ We young women (and slightly older young women) are all a work in progress. And so loved by our Heavenly Father.
At my firesides – from BYU stakes to Relief Society retreats in the mountains of Arizona – for a grand finale I invite all the women in the audience to stand up and sing this song together. There is so much power in women knowing who we are and who we are becoming. It’s amazing.