Its always so much fun when a new product comes out. It is a huge accomplishment. So much goes into a project. So much work, time and effort. Sometimes it takes months, even up to a year or more to complete an album. There are so many steps to creating a CD such as finding the right music, getting a producer, sound tech, studio, and musicians, and coordinating every-one’s schedules… the list goes on and on. At times it never seems it will ever be done! It finally all comes together though. The goals and ideas that were just down on paper and dreams that were envisioned are all packaged looking exactly as I had planned it to look. This product isn’t mine, but I I’m singing on it. I did a signing with Marie Sharon and Marvin Goldstein for the release of the new Album Amahila’s Visit. I was Amahila and got to sing the song “Perhaps you were an Angel”. It was great getting to know the other artists on this album better too. I’m so glad for the opportunity to sing on this album. I’m really proud of Marie for sticking to it and never giving up on her dream to get this music done. I remember sitting at her piano in the beginning stages where she only had one note written and most of the music was only a simple melody. So much has come together for her now and I feel privileged to have seen it all become a reality for her. It is a very interesting interpretation of the Saviors birth. To get your copy of Amahila’s Visit the website can be found here