It was amazing to be able to sing in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square in Salt Lake City last night. It was a special night of mostly Christmas music, but some other special songs were intermixed. I enjoyed being able to perform for so many people and I loved the acoustics in the building. The venue was spectacular and the sound bounced all over the walls. It was a thrilling evening. I hope to be invited back to sing in the future. It was a wonderful event and experience I will never forget. I learned a lot. Being prepared isn’t always what you think… It was quite surprising to me to hear the music of not one but two of the same songs I had chosen to sing right before stepping onto the stage. Without a minute to even think of another song, I chose to stand up tall, breathe, and smile. It all worked out perfectly and I knew it would be okay but I had no idea what I would sing. It all came to me while on the stage and in front of everyone, of course nobody knew what was running through my head. I ended up choosing another song to replace what had already been done so lovely a few minutes previously. It was a great experience and I learned you can never be too prepared to sing. It is wise to always have a back up plan for EVERY song you know. Luckily my amazing pianist, knew the other song choice and was able to play it from memory. WOW! That was a moment to remember forever. PHEW!