It’s “Leave the office earlier day” Is this even real? Well, it’s exciting that it’s Friday isn’t it? A friend told me the other day that she didn’t like the weekends. Here’s what she said, she told me the weekends are her worst time in the week because she has no fun plans to do anything and she dreads it.

Do you ever feel like that? It’s time to figure out a plan. Pick something this very instant that makes you happy and start planning to do it. Does it mean you’ll do it this weekend? Maybe. Maybe not. Your plan could be to work on the plan. Whatever it is, you need to be excited about it and enthusiastic about it. Get started putting together what it’s going to be. Maybe it’s a trip to the park to walk your dog. Maybe it’s to go see a new movie. Maybe it’s to plan a trip to Alaska on a cruise? Whatever it is – get started on it and put it in your calendar. This life is meant to be enjoyed. This life is meant to be lived!  Start a new habit and put yourself out there with a new outlook. This weekend is a perfect place to begin learning how to make that salad you heard your friend talking about 2 days ago. Whatever it is – make plans now.

P.S. if you’re interested in going on a cruise, check this one out here. We can go together and it will be super fun to get to sing for you and we’ll get to see Alaska together!