I just recently met a really sweet girl who is dedicated to strengthening individuals and bringing good things to people. She owns the website chickenscratchnsniff.com and I find her very inspiring. I hope you’ll check her website out.

Camille says, “I’m a Mom to 5 great kids living in Colorado. We like to have fun together playing Legos, going on tours, and making excuses to have a party. They inspire me to do and be better everyday. They are why I expanded my lesson helps into Primary.”

One week she completely forgot it was her turn to teach! She had just come back from vacation and it was the last thing on her mind. It turned out to be a great lesson because she was able to teach with the Spirit. She says, “A well planned lesson and great teaching techniques certainly help but teaching by the Spirit is the way that we will actually connect and help those in our class best…including ourselves.”

I couldn’t agree with Camille more! This is how I like to sing and do my presentations. Of course we all want to be prepared and the first few years I would perform – I would wait in the wing backstage, hanging on pins and needles wondering what my pianist would pick for me to sing. I would walk out onto the stage calmly acting as though the song he chose was exactly as we had planned. But it never was planned, and I was always afraid I might forget my lyrics, or he would forget how to play the song. I was scared to not have a plan in place before starting, and pretty soon I sat him down and decided to set things straight with him – or so I thought. In the beginning, I would never dare to show up without a complete plan and agenda of what I wanted to sing and talk about – but after some years I have learned what it means to have trust. “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” As I realized I was prepared, I slowly started enjoying going by the spirit and choosing music that fit the audience instead of what fit me at the time. Everything works out beautifully in the end when you allow the Spirit to be your guide.  

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