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Vanessa Joy Jingle Bells - Santiago, Chile

Marvin Goldstein invita Conceirto de Navidad by Yamil Inostroza

Publication December 9, 2014 SANTIAGO, Chile - Additional Christmas concert the choir and orchestra presented in Temple Square of Santiago is traditionally performed by the choir and orchestra of young Mormons in Concepción, for the first…

EN VIVO Concierto de Navidad Santiago, Chile by Yamil Inostroza

Publicized December 13, 2014 SANTIAGO, Chile - Today Saturday held the second day of traditional Christmas Concert at Temple Square in Santiago, organized by the South America South Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day. The…

El Espiritu de la Navidad

Publication El Martes, December 16, 2014 SANTIAGO, Chile (YI) - Closing The day Christmas Concert at Temple Square in Santiago de Chile, had a large audience reaching the 5000 participants, among members of the Church family, friends, missionaries…

Music Video

I'm in the studio putting together a music video for one of the Christmas Songs on my album. Can you guess which one? I hope you enjoy it when it's finished. 

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