Vanessa’s vocal prowess is utilized to affect people through a pure, beautiful presentation of music that speaks volumes to hearts and souls. She performs broadway and pop music for audiences of all ages. Vanessa is available for performing art centers, community events, corporate entertainment and private house concerts. On occasion she shares the stage with Pianist Marvin Goldstein, Grammy Award Winner Billy Dean and Thurl Bailey. Contact Vanessa here to schedule her for your next event. For her EPK please go here.

Upcoming Events

April 29 Star Valley Fireside 6pm 445 Swift Creek Lane Afton, Wyoming 83110 @6pm

June 11 Atlanta Fireside Bob Smith Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 @7pm

July 27-29 Tucson 

August 20 Brighton Chapel Fireside 10AM

August 21-25 BYU Education Week

August 24 Draper Amphitheater Concert 7pm

September 3-10 Alaska Cruise with Cruise Lady tours 

October 21-30 Italy Tour

November 12 Arkansas Fireside

November – Tampa Private Concert

December 16 Naples Florida Ft. Meyers Country Club 7pm

December 17 Brandon Stake Fireside 4806 Bell Shoals Road, Valrico Florida @6pm

December 30 Temple Square Performance at 7:45-8:45pm




Be Thou My Vision by Vanessa Joy

"Be Thou My Vision"  is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album "Sweet By and By" It is an album of a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album. You can listen to the song "Be Thou My Vision" for free here, or purchase…

I Surrender All by Vanessa Joy

"I Surrender All" by Vanessa Joy is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album "Sweet By and By" It is an album of a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album, this being number 7. You can listen to the song "I Surrender All" for…

It Is Well With My Soul by Vanessa Joy

"It is well with my soul" is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album "Sweet By and By" It is a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album. You can listen to the song "It Is Well With My Soul" for free here, or purchase the album…

O Holy Night by Vanessa Joy

"Oh Holy Night" by Vanessa Joy is the last song found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here or…

O Come Emmanuel by Vanessa Joy

"O Come Emmanuel" By Vanessa Joy is a hymn found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube.  "O…

Silent Night by Vanessa Joy

"Silent Night" by Vanessa Joy is found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube. "Silent…

With Wondering Awe by Vanessa Joy

The song “With Wondering Awe” is found on the Christmas CD entitled “Joy To The World” and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy’s store or here on youtube. "With Wondering Awe" is a song that…

Winter's Snow by Vanessa Joy

"Winter's Snow" by Vanessa Joy can be found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube. "Winter's…

What Child Is This by Vanessa Joy

"What Child Is This" by Vanessa Joy is found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube.…

Away In A Manger by Vanessa Joy

"Away In A Manger" by Vanessa Joy is the 9th song found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here…

Child In A Manger by Vanessa Joy

"Child In A Manger" by Vanessa Joy is written by Mary MacDonald and translated into English by Lachlan Macbean in 1888. It is a traditional Gaelic melody called Bunessan. It is a delicate melody that is perfect for Christmas celebrations. The…

Watchman Tell Us Of The Night by Vanessa Joy

"Watchman Tell Us Of The Night" by Vanessa Joy is on the album "Joy To the World" and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube. It was written by a Unitarian poet…

Coventry Carol by Vanessa Joy

"Coventry Carol" by Vanessa Joy dates back to the 16th Century. It is an English Christmas Carol who's author is unknown. "Coventry Carol" is on the album "Joy To the World" and can be found here or you can listen to it here…

In The Bleak Midwinter by Vanessa Joy

"In The Bleak Midwinter" by Vanessa Joy is an English carol written by the poet Christina Rossetti. It was set to music in 1906 and we have sung it throughout the world ever since. It is an endearing Christmas lullaby. "In the Bleak Midwinter"…

Noel Noel by Vanessa Joy

"Noel Noel" by Vanessa Joy is a Christmas song written by Vanessa Joy and is on her album "Joy To the World" and can be found in her store here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube. As you listen…

On This Day by Vanessa Joy

  "On This Day" by Vanessa Joy is a Christmas song from her album "Joy To the World" and can be found in her store here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store or here on youtube. "On This Day" is a little…

Listen to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen By Vanessa Joy

  The song "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is the second song found on the Classical Crossover Christmas CD entitled "Joy To The World" by Vanessa Joy and can be found here or you can listen to it here in Vanessa Joy's store…

Tabernacle Square Concert

Come see Vanessa Joy and Marvin Goldstein perform at the Tabernacle Square Concert December 30, 2017 at 7:45-8:45pm 

Listen to Joy To The World by Vanessa Joy

Joy to the world written by Isaac Watts is a hymn based on scripture found in Psalms in the Holy Bible. The lyrics celebrate Christ's birth but wasn't intended to be a Christmas song originally. The song was first published in 1719. Today is…

Watch the Video - The Voice Hope you enjoy the Video - The Voice. This concert was performed in the beautiful scenic mountains at the outdoor venue in Utah at the Draper Amphitheater . The Celtic inspiring song "The…

Testimony and Music Fireside

Please join me for an Evening of Testimony and Music in Valrico, Florida at the Brandon Florida Stake Fireside at 6:00pm at 4806 Bell Shoals Road Valrico, FL 33596 on Sunday, December 17, 2017

We are blessed to live in this country

We are so blessed to live in this country. It is Patriot Day today. A sad day to remember. I love this country. After spending a little time outside of this country, it's easy to realize that what we have here is precious. We are able to worship…
Education week audience

Is it Possible to Communicate by Singing Instead?

How do you communicate? It is so important. I wonder sometimes, if it is possible to sing everything, because words just get in the way? This is why I love music, because words alone do not have the same effect. Are you enjoying BYU Education…

Concert at the Draper Amphitheater August 24th

Just a few more days before our Draper, Utah Concert! Marvin Goldstein will be performing with me as well as an orchestra. Hope you've got your ticket? Hope to see you there at 8:00! Can't wait to sing for you! Haven't heard Vanessa sing yet?…

Sweet By and By Is Inspirational Music

Need some inspiration? I sure do every day! Did you know "Sweet By and By" is an inspirational music tool you can use to bring a beautiful spirit into your life? You will experience peace and comfort when listening to hymns. It is especially…

Today is tell a Joke Day

Today is tell a joke day! Roses are Red violets are bluish, come to the performance and I'll finish this! HA! If you knew who I work with well enough you'd know how he finishes this joke! I work with a jokester! His name is Marvin Goldstein…

It's Relaxation Day and you Deserve a Vacation!

Happy Relaxation Day! You deserve a vacation from how hard you work don't you think? I say this almost every day to myself. Just in case you're interested, I will be singing on a cruise September 2-9 2017 along with Marvin Goldstein and if you…

Why I Choose To Sing Inspirational Music

While singing at BYU Education week I choose to sing hymns along with other sacred and inspirational music. Some of my all time favorite inspirational music comes from our beloved hymns. This is why I created the album, "Sweet By and By".…

Looking for Entertainment in Draper?

Are you looking for entertainment in Draper, UT? Look no further! Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy will be performing at the Draper Amphitheater on August 24th at 8:00 PM with a featured orchestra. Tickets can be purchased online by going to…

Singing Hymns and Creating "Sweet By and By"

Do you want to know why singing hymns and creating the album "Sweet By And By" was my first album? Check out a radio interview here where I talk about it. Singing hymns and creating "Sweet By and By" was the beginning of everything for me…

Have you attended BYU Education Week?

Will you be attending BYU Education Week this year? Have you registered for it yet? This year I'll be joining Marvin Goldstein in his classes as well as Janice Kapp Perry in hers. The major focus of the classes we offer at BYU Education Week…

Draper Amphitheater Concert in August

Have you bought your tickets yet for the Draper Amphitheater Concert on August 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM? If you by the tickets today the price is only $10.00 but they go up tomorrow so hurry before August 1st arrives. Save some money and get…

Concert at the Draper Amphitheater in August

Hope you'll join me at the Draper Amphitheater on Thursday August, 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM for a concert with Marvin Goldstein as well as featuring a backing orchestra. It is a show not to be missed! Purchase by August 1st for best pricing starting…

Alaska Cruise Sept. 2-9, 2017

Come sail with Cruiselady, Marvin Goldstein & Vanessa Joy on Alaska Cruise September 2-9 as we entertain and inspire you with incredible lectures and performances on sea days. Experience the majestic glaciers, savor unique glimpses of marine…

GA Fireside - Fayetteville

Hope to see you or one of your friends at the Fayetteville, GA Fireside June 11 at 7pm at LDS Church 157 Bob Smith Road Sharpsburg, GA 30277. Share this date with your friends and please help to spread the word about it. Thanks!

World Ocean Day

Happy "World Ocean Day" Have you seen the ocean? Have you been on a cruise? Do you have plans to travel someday? Is it one of your dreams? I was 15 when I got to see the sea for the first time. Your dreams are so important. What you say to…

Leaving the office early today?

It's "Leave the office earlier day" Is this even real? Well, it's exciting that it's Friday isn't it? A friend told me the other day that she didn't like the weekends. Here's what she said, she told me the weekends are her worst time in the…

Upcoming Concerts 2017

April 29 Star Valley High School Fireside  445 Swift Creek Lane Afton, Wyoming 83110 @6pm June 11 Atlanta Fireside 157 Bob Smith Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 @7pm July 27-29 Tucson August 20 Brighton Chapel Fireside 10AM August…

Festival Of Lights

I'll be performing at the Festival Of Lights Washington DC Visitors Center SUNDAY, Jan 1 - 7:00pm Marvin Goldstein & Vanessa Joy—Pianist & Vocalist World renowned pianist, Marvin Goldstein, returns to the Visitors’ Center,…

Interfaith Concert Video

Hundreds Attend Interfaith Concert in Ogden

Standard Examiner - by Janae Francis OGDEN — Organizers of “A Celebration of Faith Through Music,” an interfaith concert designed to bring together members of various area faiths, said they were pleased with a standing-room-only crowd…

LDS Lecture Series with Cruise Lady

Monday night September 26 at 7:00 p.m. Join me and Marvin Goldstein for an evening of music and fun with Cruise Lady's LDS Lecture Series at 9118 S. Redwood Road West Jordon. Please call to reserve your seat. (Cost is just $4.00) 801-453-9444.…

Barrus Concert Hall

I enjoyed singing in the Barrus Concert Hall. The acoustics in that venue are incredible. I wish all my concerts had the capability to sound as amazing as the Barrus Hall. It's so rewarding when the sound equipment and the venue are in synch…

Upcoming Events

July 24 Fireside 3601 East Shea Blvd. Phoenix, AZ July 25 Private Concert Phoenix, AZ July 28 BYU-I Concert Snow – Barrus Concert Hall 7:30 PM July 28-30 BYU-I Education Week July 31 Fireside 324 East 18th Street Rupert, Idaho September…

O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus is written by S. Trevor Francis and Thomas J. Williams has been recorded on the Sweet By and By album. You can listen to a sample of the song here or here. Below are the lyrics. O the deep, deep…

Augusta Youth Conference

I got to perform for the youth in Augusta, GA. It was so fun and they participated too. (Yes, I have my coat on, I'm freezing cold everywhere I go anymore.) We had a blast doing a conference with the youth sharing their talents as well.…

Congratulations to Ruth!

A BIG thank you to all of you who participated in my Valentine's Day Giveaway.

Ave Maria

Vanessa Joy got to sing Ave Maria in Israel in St. Anne's Church and you can see part of the performance at this link here Or you can listen to it on youtube here. This song also was recorded on the Sweet By and By Album…

How Can I Keep From Singing

My Life Flows On is written by Robert Lowry. This song can be found on the album "Sweet By and By". You can listen to a sample of it here or here.  Lyrics are below. My life flows on in endless song, above earth's lamentation. I hear…

Billy Dean

Recently I got to perform a song with Billy Dean that he wrote. I heard it about a year ago when he sang it to me while we were eating dinner in Denny's. I cried when I heard him sing it. It's a very touching song about women and mothers…

Valentine's Giveaway

Enter to win the CD " The Voice" by Vanessa Joy. Answer the question "What is the best love song ever written?" Comment here on the blog to enter. One winner will be selected to win from Facebook, Instagram, and the blog. If you share my…

Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance is written by Frances J. Crosby and is recorded by Vanessa Joy. You can find it in her store on the Sweet By and By Album. You can listen to it here or here on youtube. Below are the lyrics. Blessed assurance,…

Coming on Monday

Something's coming on Monday so be on the lookout for it. It would mean a lot to me if you would please share my music video with your friends. Thanks!

Softly and Tenderly

Softly and Tenderly written by Will L. Thompson is a beautiful hymn that was recorded on the Sweet By and By album by Vanessa Joy. You can listen to the song for free in her store here or listen here on youtube. Below are…

Burley Idaho

Here's where I'll be performing this weekend. For more information about my tour schedule go here. January 23 12:00-3:00 PM Performance and Meet & Greet at The Book Plaza in Burley, Idaho January 24 Fireside 6:0o PM at the Declo…

Radio Active with Steve Mitton in Idaho

Yesterday I was on the Steve Mitton Radio Active show. You can listen to the show here.

"Hello" Video at Chestnut Restaurant

I filmed my new "Hello" video at the adorable and delicious "Chestnut Restaurant" in Phoenix, AZ Right now - January 31, 2016 CHESTNUT RESTAURANT located in on 4350 E. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ is offering 10% off your entire meal if…

Sweet By And By

The first album Vanessa Joy recorded is titled "Sweet By and By" and can be found in her store. You can listen to the hymn here or here on youtube. The lyrics are below. There’s a land that is fairer than day, And by faith we…

Hello - Adele (cover) by Vanessa Joy  

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

His Eye is on the Sparrow - by Cilvilla D. Martin is a song recorded on the Sweet By and By album by Vanessa Joy. You can listen to it in her store here or here on youtube. The lyrics are below. Why should I feel discouraged,…

January and February tour schedule

Here's where I'll be singing in January and February. January 10  - 7:00 PM Fireside - Carlsbad Stake Center 1975 Chestnut Avenue Carlsbad, California January 24 - 6:00 PM Fireside - Declo Stake Center 213 W Main, Declo,…

New Years Eve

Got any big plans for New Years Eve? I love singing for parties on New Years. (I'm kinda glad I'm not doing it this year's nice to be going to a party with friends for a change) One time I was in Wyoming and performed on New Years…

Music Video

I'm getting excited about a music video that I'm doing right now. I've been getting a lot done with it and I can't wait for the final copy to be ready. It's a process to get one done and it's been a lot of work, but hopefully when it's done…

Free Gift of Christmas Music

Merry Christmas! For a limited time you will receive 5 free songs from my "Joy To The World Christmas Album" when you sign up for my newsletter. Go here to download.

YouTube Channel

Did you know I have a YouTube Channel? Subscribe today for entertaining videos. 

Performing in Utah this week

Wow! It's a great week ahead in Utah. I thought I'd let you know where I'll be performing.  August 16 Sunday Fireside in Utah at the Brighton Chapel with Marvin Goldstein and Ryan Innes at 7:00 PM.  August 18-21 I'll be performing…

Time To Blossom

I'll be performing for Time To Blossom June 15-19 2015 Time to blossom poster

Billy Dean

It's so fun singing with Grammy Award Winner Billy Dean. I performed with him at the Dutton Family Theatre in Mesa, AZ. Go check him out before he goes back to Branson!

invitan al Concierto de Navidad Chile

Performing in Chile

Oh my! It's been an experience of a lifetime being a part of the concerts in Chile. It has been so amazing and incredible to work with the people there and get to know them through the spirit of music. Music really is a universal language and…

In the Bleak Midwinter

The Wedding Singer

It has been years since I sang for a wedding. Every time I think about singing for a wedding I can't help but think about Adam Sandler and his crazy movie set in the 80's. It makes me laugh! I had a beautiful evening singing in Portland, Oregon.…

Chef Brad

I'm really looking forward to singing with Chef Brad at Education week Next Friday Night. Last year while joining him in his class I laughed so hard and so did the audience. I interrupted Chef Brad with songs about food during the entire show,…

Singing with Nathan Osmond on Sunday April 27, 7:00pm

5250 W Thunderbird, Glendale AZ (Just west of 51st Ave on Thunderbird)   

The Duttons

I'm opening for the Duttons tonight with Marvin Goldstein at the Dutton Family Theater in Mesa, AZ. For tickets to their amazing show go here.


Performing with Brandon Oberhamer and Marvin Goldstein in Canada was a blast! Great music and great fun. We're planning to do more of it in the future and I can't wait. 


I got to perform last night with amazingly talented Marvin Goldstein and Brandon Oberhamer in Edmonton. I'm excited to also perform together tonight in Calgary. For tickets go to I hope to see you there!

Canada Performances

I'm excited to announce I'll be performing in Canada, in Edmonton (March 21) and Calgary (March 22) at 7PM. For tickets go here. Please see the flier for more details. 

Special Christmas Package

Did you know about the Special Christmas Package I'm doing right now? Click here for the store.

Performing at the King Fine Arts Center

Performing once again at the King Fine arts Center on Satruday at 7:30. I'll be in Idaho for two concerts this weekend. Click here for more info.  Dec 7, 2013 King Fine Arts Center Burley, Idaho 7:30 pm Tickets call…

Great Show in Mesa with MC6!

I had a blast singing with this sweet a cappella  group MC6 on Saturday night in Mesa, AZ. They were so much fun to work with. I hope we are able to do more together in the future!

First United Methodist Church of Mesa

Last night I got to sing at the First United Methodist Church of Mesa for an annual interfaith event. I sang the duet "The Prayer" with Jeff Montgomery accompanied by Marvin Goldstein. On the program there were several other musical guests…

Mesa Arts Center Performance

Come see us perform tonight and get a 25% discount on select seating! Hope to see you there! A Special 25% Discount of reserved seats just made available for Fans of Vanessa Joy for tonights show with Marvin Goldstein and MC6 A Cappella…

Singing with MC6

I rehearsed this weekend with some amazing talent called MC6. They are a very fun group of acapella singers. Come see us all performing with Marvin Goldstein at the Mesa Arts Center on Saturday, November 23. You're gonna love the show!…

Vanessa Joy with MC6

We're hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming amazing show at the Mesa Art Center click here for more details. You don't want to miss this entertaining show!

Raise the Standard

What an incredible evening of powerful speakers! I got to perform at the "Raise the Standard" event featuring Glenn Beck. I've been talking to my friends non stop about it because my brain is still buzzing with all of the information that was…

Raise The Standard Comerica Theatre

I'm singing in the Comerica Theatre at the "Raise the Standard" event featuring Glenn Beck this Friday at 6:00 pm. If you would like more information click here.

Mesa Arts Center Performance

Saturday November 23, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the Mesa Arts Center Tickets available here.

Annual Writing Contest

I'm performing for the awards Ceremony Annual Writing Contest in Tempe, AZ at the Changing Hands Bookstore on September 24, 2013. 

Softly and Tenderly

Softly and Tenderly is a song recorded on the "Sweet By and By" album by Vanessa Joy. To listen to it click here or here. Or you can purchase the album here. The lyrics and music are by Will L. Thompson. The Lyrics are below.   Softly…

Playground Drama Camp

Having a blast this week at Playground Drama Camp in NY!

Fredonia, New York Concert

Come see me in concert 7:00 pm August 14, 2013

Buffalo NY Drama Day Camp

Heading out this morning to Buffalo New York to do a workshop this week with Enrichment Through The Arts for high school students at Playground Drama Day Camp!

Vanessa Joy Christmas Album Pictures

My Christmas Album will be released on August 7, 2013

Booking a Recording Studio

HOLD UP! Booking a studio. I think there should be some very dramatic music right now... excuse me, "DUM DUM DUM DUM". Did that do it for you? How about listening to this short clip on youtube to get the dramatic effect I'm looking for... Did…

Recording Christmas Music

I recorded more music this month! There is always a great sense of excitement when I go into a recording studio. I'm always a touch nervous and full of lots of energy, wanting to get started and sing my heart out. This time it was at a…

Independence Day Celebration

I'm in the Vistancia Magazine. I will be performing for the Red, White and Blue BBQ today from 5:00-8:30 pm. Should be a great event. Hope to see you there!

How to Record an Album

I'm in the middle of making an album and this is what it looks like right now. A 3 ring binder of notes, song titles, keys and sheet music. I hope you are as excited about it as I am. Actually this album has taken me SO long. It is the longest…

Toastmasters take two

Seriously? I can't believe I won "Best Table Topic" again. What's up with that? I think they definitely have it rigged in the club to have the award go to the person who is the newbie. There is no question about it. This time we did an impromptu…

Mesa Arizona Temple Lights

I'm performing with Marvin Goldstein tonight at Temple Lights. I'm looking forward to the concert and to see all the many different lights they have on all the trees and other areas around the Temple. What a spectacular way to celebrate…

Meet Mr. Universe

I met Mr. Universe and Joe Cefalu a few weeks ago in their amazing fitness studio. I was on their radio show with them Saturday morning on KFNX AM Radio1100 and we talked about the powerful effects of music on our mind and…

The Big Shift

It was a blast getting to perform and meet so many amazing people last night at the "Big Shift" event. I enjoyed being able to participate using music and also getting to hear some great speakers! Sorry my picture is a little blurry but I'm…

Portugal Exchange

I met an incredible group of college aged men and women last week who were here in America for a youth exchange program from Portugal. They were all such beautiful people and they are doing so many good things in the world. It was so interesting…

Panama City Beach, Florida

I had a wonderful time performing for the Rotary Convention in Panama City, Florida this past weekend. I almost got on a plane to Panama City........... PANAMA! My ticket was supposed to be booked to Panama City, FL but it was booked wrong by…

Germany Concert

Meet the Duttons

I got to open a few shows for the Duttons a year ago last March. I cannot believe it's already been that long. I was able to catch another performance and visit them briefly last week and it was wonderful. They are a very talented…

Meet and Greet

Come and see me and Marvin Goldstein at a meet and greet tomorrow March 9 at 1133 Glistening Point Ave., Henderson, Nevada. 1:00 PM. It is a private residence where we will be meeting the public. Come and visit us at this event. Oh and by the…

Moreno Valley California Concert

Lots of fun performing for the Moreno Valley Community on Saturday evening. The audience was great!    

Moreno Valley California

Come see me tonight in Moreno Valley California with Marvin Golstein at a free concert at 7:00 PM tickets call 951-567-3015.

Look what my friend sent me!

So a friend of mine went to Snowflake and stayed at a darling Bed and Breakfast (very cute spot. For more info click here) that I happened to stay at a few months ago when I was performing. The couple who own the spot are very cute and…

Nesselwang, Germany Elementary School

I got to sing for the elementary school in Nesselwang, Germany. It was one of the highlights of my trip. This little girl in the picture above gave me a huge hug when we were leaving and also handed me a little tiny picture that she drew. Later…

Nesselwang, Germany Performance

I soloed with the Choir and Orchestra at St. Andreas Church in Nesselwang, Germany. I have been looking forward to doing this for many years and I was so excited it finally happened. The acoustics were beautiful and the entire performance was…

Utah Jazz Game National Anthem

Assembly Hall

It was amazing to be able to sing in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square in Salt Lake City last night. It was a special night of mostly Christmas music, but some other special songs were intermixed. I enjoyed being able to perform for so many…

Jazz Game

Singing in Sun City

Yesterday I was asked to sing (at the last minute) a few songs for a retired community Christmas party. As a singer, I always need to be ready with one or two songs no mater where I go. People recognized me at the party and wanted me to sing…

AZ Cottage Bookstore

It was a fantastic morning getting to know so many wonderful authors and friendly people at the Mesa Latter Day Cottage Bookstore. I felt it was an honor to be a part of the event and to be able to sing and help to raise money for cancer was…

Singing at the Lion's Lincoln Theatre Last week I got to perform at the Lion's Lincoln Theatre in Ohio. It is such a charming theatre. It is one of the oldest purpose built movie theaters in the world that still shows movies. It was…

Mesa Latter Day Cottage Bookstore

Please come and see me singing but more importantly support this great fundraiser for cancer.  Saturday from 10:00 am until noon at the Latter Day Cottage Bookstore in Mesa, AZ. There will be many authors at this event as well. Local authors…

Singing in Scottsdale

Last night I got to sing with a choir in Scottsdale, AZ. I loved it. It was a great experience to be singing with a group of people who love singing. I enjoyed the song selections too. We got to sing "For the Beauty of the Earth", "Balm In Gilead",…

Lincoln Theatre

Performing November 3rd in Ohio at the Lions Lincoln Theatre

Suns National Anthem Tryouts

I went to audition for the Phoenix Suns to sing the National Anthem and I got interviewed for CBS news, and today someone sent me this video clip of the tryouts. If you would like to see part of my tryout and interview too click here. I…

Recording Studio

I got to sing in the studio this week! I love recording music. My giddy face in the picture says it all. I enjoy being able to keep something forever, there is something really magical about it. I remember the first time I was ever in a studio.…

Performance in the clouds

I got to perform on a ship in a room called The Cloud. It was so fun singing while viewing the sunset and overlooking the ocean. So Beautiful.

Frederick Maryland Performance

I will be performing with pianist Marvin Goldstein and Gottfried Allgaier, organist at the Catholic Cathedral in Nesselwang, Germany on Sunday August 16, 2012. I was at a dress rehearsal with him this evening and I can hardly wait for tomorrow…

Dallyn Bayles

I got to sing with Dallyn Bayles in my BYU Education week class today. What a thrill! He is so talented and so fun to work with. He will sing again with me in my Thursday class. For more information about Dallyn you can find it here. Dallyn…

Amaliah's Visit

I got to sing on this album! It was a great experience and I was honored to be invited to partisipate in such a sweet story.  I am the Character "Angel Amaliah". The music arrangements were put together by Marvin Goldstein and the words…

Look At What My Friend Sent Me!

So a friend of mine went to Snowflake and stayed at a darling Bed and Breakfast (very cute spot. For more info click here) that I happened to stay at a few months ago when I was performing. The couple who own the spot are very cute and each…

Navigator of the Seas

This was a great ship to perform on. I cannot believe how many things were packed onto this boat. I got to lay in the sun, play miniature golf, and shoot a few hoops before going to to the performance at night. Super fun!

The Colosseum

The Coliseum in Rome Italy was very cool!  This amphitheatre is so large it was capable of seating 50,000 spectators! I'm not sure I would have ever wanted to perform here since it was mostly used for Gladiator contests... yikes! 


I sang in the amphitheater behind me in this picture is in Ephesus. The estimated seating capacity is 44,000 and is believed to be the largest outdoor theatre in the ancient world. It was cool to have a chance to sing in this arena.  …

USO Video Here is a short movie clip of some of the USO show in Germany.

Singing for the USO

One of my favorite things about singing for the USO in Germany was to be able to sing with this soldier in the audience. I had a lot of fun! I am so honored to be able to entertain and hopefully uplift these amazing heroes. 

I'm in Germany!

I'm singing tonight at the Wounded Warriors Center USO Show at Ramstein Air Base! I can hardly wait!

Eager, AZ This was such a fun day. I taught a Masters Class in Eager, AZ to both High School and Middle school kids and it was such a great experience. I enjoy doing classes all over the country just as much…

Eager, AZ Masters Class

This was such a fun day. I taught a Masters Class in Eager, AZ to both High School and Middle school kids and it was such a great experience. I enjoy doing classes all over the country just as much as I enjoy performing in concerts. Being able…

Signing with George Dyer

Snowflake, AZ

I'm performing tonight in Snowflake AZ at the Silver Creek Performing Arts Center! Excited to see some dear friends too! Can't wait!!

Eager, Arizona

We have a concert April 12 in Eager, AZ at the Round Valley High School Auditorium for tickets please call  928-333-2945

Patriotic Concert

I had a great time performing last night for the Red Mountain Tea Party. There was a great attendance and I loved singing patriotic songs, especially for a group who appreciates hearing them.

Meet Carlos Rivas

I'm performing with Carlos Rivas Mexsal in April 14, at 7:30 PM at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler, AZ. For tickets go here.    

Opening for the Duttons

I got to open for the Duttons last night and will be doing it tonight and tomorrow night at The Dutton Family Theatre in Mesa, AZ.

Help with Chandler, AZ Concert

My friends I need your help. I have a concert with Marvin Goldstein in 2 weeks and we need your help to get the word out. We have only sold 6 tickets! Share this link and then comment here to tell me that you did and you will be entered…

Patriotic Night

I get to sing tonight with Marvin Goldstein at the Red Mountain Tea Party in Mesa, AZ. This is the man in Charge - Randy Hatch. He started this group with only 12 members and it's grown to one of the largest in the country!

Performing in Scottsdale, AZ schools

Performing in schools this week!

Wow a commercial!

How cool to have a commercial! It's running in Southern Utah for the upcoming concerts we have going on in March. Watch it here.

Performing for Schools in Arizona

I'm performing "Enrichment Through the Arts" for the students at two schools today in Scottsdale Arizona!

I love this mascot!

Singing at tonight's BIG Jazz game against Oklahoma! Anyone going to be there?    

$5.00 off your ticket to FRIDAY'S show!

Come see me perform with Marvin Goldstein tomorrow night in Pleasant Grove, UT. $5.00 off coupon here!

George Dyer Show Tonight!

So excited! I get to sing with George Dyer tonight! Ticket info here.

Meet George Dyer

I get to sing with George Dyer in his award winning Branson Missouri show at the Dutton Family Theater March 7th in Mesa, AZ. If you are interested in discounted tickets please email me here. "The George Dyer Show is one show…

A Tea Party

I got to sing the National Anthem and another patriotic song for the Red Mountain Tea Partylast night. They are the largest Tea Party group in the United States. It was a great patriotic event.

Vintage Vanessa Video - Didn't We Almost Have It All

Meet Mike

This is the man who makes me sound brilliant! He is a very talented recording engineer and very funny too. It's been a great pleasure to work with him and also eat all the fruit at Orangewood. The studio is full my favorite citrus, including…

Meet Daron Bradford

I met Daron a few years ago. Daron is multitalented and a fabulous artist. He plays the woodwinds and records them beautifully. He recorded on both of my albums - mainly "Sweet By and By" and he did such a wonderful job. It was so cool to sit…

Nesselwang, Germany

I will be soloing with the St. Andrew Catholic Church Choir and Orchestra this Friday at a concert in Nesselwang, Germany. I leave on an airplane very early tomorrow morning. I'm nervous and excited about it. I cannot believe the time has…

Tempe Symphony Orchestra

I got to participate in the Tempe Symphony Orchestra winter concert this season and it was fabulous. It is so incredible to sing with a large group of instruments. It reminded me of my days in college, and it's been a while. The orchestra…

Vanessa Joy in Altamont

Singing in Altamont was wonderful. I couldn't believe how cold I felt while we were visiting the area. They sure know how to party in that small town. I was able to hang out with famous composer Jeff Goodrich and his lovely wife…

Vanessa Joy in Vernal

Vernal was a blast! I got to sing for the community there and it was a really funny concert. I got my pianist, Marvin Goldstein to laugh more than once and when that happens it is priceless! The venue was in a middle school and it seated a little…

Vanessa Joy National Anthem sound check at Jazz game

"Favorite Things" Having lots of fun rehearsing for our News Years Eve show! Check out the video clip here with Billy Dean, Thurl Bailey, Marvin Goldstein, and Vanessa Joy.

New Years Eve Concert with Billy Dean FREE

Join Billy Dean, Thurl Bailey, Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy for a New Years Celebration December 31, 2011 at 8:20 pm in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. For more information click here.

Christmas Video I got to sing for Becky Higgins. What a pleasure it was to sing for her 12 days of Christmas video. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to kick off her video series this year. It was…


For all my favorite people. TODAY & TOMORROW ONLY! If you buy the special "3 get one FREE" you will actually get 2 free! That's a total of 5 CD's! Hurry - door's a bustin! ClickHERE to take you my store!    

Christmas Concert with Thurl Bailey Watch this VIDEO INVITE TO A CHRISTMAS CONCERT! You're invited to a Christmas Concert with Thurl Bailey, Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy. At the Grand Theatre in SLC, Utah. Dec. 2, 2011 at 7:30…

Musical Note

I attended a convention in Nevada this week and I got to showcase. It was a lot of fun and I  met great people. The musical note I'm holding was made out of a balloon - pretty cool isn't it?    

Classy and Classic Christmas Show in Blackfoot

Blackfoot Christmas Show! Get tickets here!

Classy and Classic Christmas with Thurl Bailey

Tickets on sale now at the Grand Theatre, SLC, Utah! Get tickets here.

Buy 3 CD's get one FREE!

Merry Christmas early! My Holiday special is back for a limited time. Get your Christmas gifts righthere.

Cairo, Egypt

When I was in Cairo Egypt, I got to sing for the deputy ambassador at a peace concert commemorating the 9th anniversary of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days. I enjoyed meeting the people in attendance that night.  It was an amazing…


What has two circles on each end and is high in the middle? I know I gave the answer away in the title. OHIO is beautiful! I love trees and big colorful leaves... I performed twice in Columbus and enjoyed the perfectly cool weather for 5 days…

"The Voice" Available Now!

Get my newest album here!

Free Download

I want to make sure you all know about my free gift to you. Go here to receive a FREE download.

Billy Dean Concert

What a dream to perform with Billy Dean! I'll be performing with him again in Payson, UT Thursday September 1, 2011 Click HERE for more info.

Orange County, CA

I'll be performing and doing classes for the Orange County Singles Conference August 5-7. Click here for more details.    

BYU-I Education week

YEP - I'm heading back to BYU-I to sing for Education Week July 24-27! Check out the schedule. You can find me in Marvin Goldstein's classes - come visit me again.

Have you seen my new gig with Marvin Goldstein? Check out the website

Vanessa Joy "The Voice" new CD coming soon!

I sent everything (design work, song list, and recording) to be mass produced, finished and shrink wrapped today! My new album "the Voice" will be out soon!

goldn'joy Demo

FREE House Concert MARCH 4 @ 7:30 PM

Where: 420 South 1000 East Orem, Utah Click here for more info.

Recording with the Accordion

Yep that's right...I've got a song with the accordion accompanying me on my next album! Fun hah?

"Ave Maria" St. Anne's Church, Israel

World Music Days Cairo, Egypt

Vanessa Joy Promo

Vanessa Joy Promo Pack

Star Valley

"Sound check" for the concert in Wyoming!  

BYU Idaho Concert News Release

This concert was a blast! Check out the News Release from BYU Idaho here

Singing for Nordstroms!

A great day singing Christmas carols!

Close To You

Vanessa Joy and Marvin Goldstein having fun at Eye Care Concert. Watch the clip of the song, "Close to You".              


Purchace Tickets for my next concert! Go to the link below:

UVU Concert

Great day performing and hopefully getting what we needed captured on film!